How A TikTok Star Will Quit His Day Job

Clueless Bushcraft

Pursuing your passions and quitting your day job is something many aspire to do. Find out how this Tik-Tok start did it in the article below!

“There’s so many people that want to be a content creator, but they never start.”

Tom aka Clueless Bushcraft is one of the people that actually started. And he’s seen great success since the launch of his channel.

On TikTok, Tom has amassed over 2.6 million followers. And people don’t just tune in for outdoor survival tips – his insatiable personality is a big drawing point.

Now, he’s planning his next big move: Quitting his day job.

Feeling stuck in your day job? Want to pursue content creation or other creative avenues like Tom?

Clueless Bushcraft himself has some golden nuggets of advice for people looking to make that personal and professional change.

Now’s The Time

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You’ve just got to start.

Whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do – start a podcast, open a merch shop – now’s the time.

To keep ourselves from pursuing something, we often come up with excuses. For example: “I can’t make videos until I have professional equipment.”

This kind of thinking will only create delays and stall momentum.

“You don’t need to worry about the gear that you have, just work with what you have now,” says Tom.

Tom started his Youtube channel back in 2017 with whatever tools he could find.

He didn’t painstakingly agonize over every detail – he let the videos do the talking. 

He admits that it’s cringy looking back on those early videos now seeing how far he’s come. But they were an essential learning experience.

“Commit first and think about the details later.”

That’s one of Tom’s favorite rules from The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. The book is about accomplishing your business dreams, but it’s an essential lesson in everyday life.

Even if the beginning is rocky, you’ve got to commit to hone your voice.

Tom couldn’t have gotten to where he is now without that awkward early stage on Youtube.

It helped build character and show him who he wanted to be.


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Start From Scratch

“I love the idea of building things from scratch,” Tom says.

Tom was inspired to make videos about bushcraft life (surviving in the natural environment) by Minecraft, of all things.

The idea of creating something out of nothing is the essence of Clueless Bushcraft.

He did his own thing. Whether that was trying new recipes, or failing at building a fire in the woods.

But he was having trouble finding an audience.

Tom’s biggest hurdle: obscurity.

His content was getting lost for all kinds of reasons, either the algorithm or the nicheness of it.

So, he set a goal for himself this January: post videos on TikTok three to four times a day.

The only way people can see and engage with your content is if you put it out there.

Users on TikTok quickly became fascinated by the uniqueness of Tom’s content. They started to interact and ask all kinds of questions

How can I survive using just the elements of nature? Does he really live in that shed he films in?

He developed a style and persona that was totally his own. And the numbers grew.

But Tom’s attitude never changed.


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♬ original sound – Tom

Stay Genuine to Sustain Success

Tom hasn’t let fame and followers distract him from his main mission: creating a community.

And maybe that’s part of the reason he’s been so successful.

He doesn’t want Clueless Bushcraft to be just about him. He wants to see his followers and others make it their own.

“I’m just a normal guy learning all these new things and I’m just sharing it with the world – you guys can be Clueless Bushcraft.”

And he means it.

People can tell when someone’s being fake about what they put out into the world. And you never get that feeling from Tom.

Even in his sponsored content for Spreadshop – all the words he says are his own.

When Tom does face obstacles, he views them as something to learn from. They help him prevent mistakes down the road.

The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon emphasizes this. How can you use complaining to solve your problems or look at them from a different point of view?

There’s actually a benefit in misdirection.

“If you have a flat tire you just think of it as a learning experience,” says Tom. 

Now you know how to change a tire, or what roads to avoid.

It brings all your problems into focus and turns into something you can use to your benefit.

What Comes Next?

Tom’s grateful to have a day job, it’s just not where his passion lies.

“I prefer to be tired doing the stuff that I love,” he says.

That’s the content side of things. Making videos that engage with his followers and build on that sense of community.

Tom was actually inspired to set plans in stone to leave his job after listening to their first episode of our Quit Your Day Job podcast.

We talk about how creators can leverage tools like merch to build on their brand, connect with fans, and generate revenue.

Tom was so inspired by our message that he plans to quit his day job in January 2022 and become a full-time content creator!

He’ll have more time to dedicate to his TikTok (those videos don’t make themselves, after all).

He wants to create more longform content for his Youtube, like this shed build he just uploaded. 

These videos will be informative and go into details TikTok won’t allow. And it will get him closer to his goal of 100,000 subscribers. 

That silver play button is calling his name!

Tom will also have more time to work on his merch. He actually started as an illustrator and wants to get back into drawing.

Seeing the merch designs in his Spreadshop come to life was really inspirational.

“I’m so grateful for the fact that I have my logo on something, you know. It’s something tangible now.”

He feels confident and more assured of himself now that he has the ability to branch out into these different areas.

Quitting your day job isn’t just a one-time thing – it’s a lifestyle.

And Clueless Bushcraft is all about creating a sustainable lifestyle for survival AND satisfaction.

Learn more about how to pursue your passions and leave your day job at the door by checking out our Quit Your Day Job podcast.

Streaming on Youtube and wherever you get your podcasts!


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