Introducing SPOD: the Newest Member of the Spreadshop Family

Introducing SPOD: the Newest Member of the Spreadshop Family

Meet SPOD, a Spread Group brand that allows access to our network of fulfillment facilities by integrating with external shop systems.

What is SPOD?

SPOD stands for “Spreadshirt Print on Demand.” Like Spreadshop, SPOD is a Spread Group brand. Using the SPOD, you can sell your own customized products on Shopify, WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms and benefit from the usual service and the print-on-demand expertise of Spreadshirt for your online store.

With SPOD, you as a merchant have full control over your prices, returns and communication with your customers. As soon as someone orders something from you, SPOD takes over your order fulfillment and shipping. When it comes to relating to your customers, you, your store and your brand are in the spotlight. And if you need help, SPOD support will be there to back you up.

As a SPOD merchant, you can sell your products not only in your own store, but also on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as on digital marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Idealo. You can relax and focus on your online business while SPOD takes care of the fulfillment for you, including production and shipping.

Is SPOD for you? Give it a try and find out!

  1. Register with Shopify (14 days free trial)
  2. Install the free SPOD app and add your products
  3. Done!

What are you waiting for? Download the free SPOD App now and start your business today.

SPOD vs. Spreadshop

When you run your own shop with Spreadshop, you design and market your products yourself. We take care of everything else: Customer service, shipping and returns, support, store templates and production. Spreadshop is always free for you.

SPOD merchants run their store on Shopify and are responsible for their own customers and sales channels. For example, they set the shipping method and cost, choose printing methods and much more. There are no discount promotions for SPOD merchants like there are for Spreadshop. For every order that comes through your Shopify store, merchants pay a fee to SPOD and Shopify.

Despite the differences between SPOD and Spreadshop, there are also some similarities. On both platforms you set your own customer prices and can unlock our Design Tool for your customers. Furthermore, you are always responsible for the success of your store, regardless of whether you sell through Spreadshop or SPOD. Your mission is to bring traffic to your store with targeted marketing or promotions.

How SPOD can help you build your own business

Here are some of the advantages of using SPOD to build your brand:

  • You have full control over your retail prices and shipping costs (you can also offer free shipping).
  • You control your marketing, customer service and more.
  • You have free access to your customer data.
  • You can sell print-on-demand products exclusively or offer other products in addition to your SPOD products in your Shopify store – e.g. a coffee shop that also sells specialty coffees, barista classes or accessories.

SPOD Europe vs. SPOD United States

Depending on where you want to sell your products, you can select Europe or the USA as production location in the SPOD app. If most of your customers live in the USA, set up the SPOD app for North America. Not only will we be able to deliver to them faster and in a shorter, more environmentally-friendly way, but we’ll also be able to offer a range of products tailored specifically to your region. If you want to sell in both regions, simply create two accounts and sell in Europe and the USA (including Canada and Australia) at the same time.

Your business, your way!

SPOD is the most flexible way for you to run an online store selling print-on-demand products. Simply integrate the SPOD app into your Shopify store or other e-commerce platforms. For a full list of marketplaces and shop systems that integrate with SPOD, see here. Design your own products and take the relationship you build with your customers into your own hands.

Whether SPOD or Spreadshop is the better print-on-demand provider for you depends on your goals. You can also sell through SPOD and Spreadshop at the same time or use them to complement one another.

Sign up for free today and open your online store with SPOD.

Do you have questions about SPOD? Leave us a comment or ask us directly on Facebook.

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Nia long
1 year ago
Jan Stefanica
1 year ago

I’d be great if we could get an Etsy integration as it’s a big marketplace, without having to use the order desk, also hi-resolution oversized printing on shirts and hoodies would be amazing! Thank you for your hard work!

Bin Adam
Bin Adam
1 year ago

Nice job

1 year ago

Please bring back SPOD Industrial Fulfillment so we can send orders for printing without having to manually create products, it would be very useful!

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