Shop of the Moment: Tre Tipton Apparel

Shop of the Moment: Tre Tipton

Tre Tipton is an inspiration on and off the football field. Helping college athletes with their mental health struggles is a big passion of Tre’s. And his apparel is bringing awareness to this cause in a big way!

As Spreadshop’s first NIL-sponsored athlete, Tre (who plays for Pitt) has the opportunity to build a brand. But Tre’s shop is more than just about promoting his name and image; it’s about supporting his nonprofit, LOVE: Living Out Victoriously Everyday. LOVE helps college athletes facing the pressures of performing well in sports and in school.

25 percent of t-shirt and sweatshirt sales from Tre’s Spreadshop will directly support LOVE. Tre Tipton’s apparel and message make him the shop of the moment.

Trauma Makes You a Warrior

LOVE is a program that helps “empower, provide hope and build a community for collegiate student-athletes who are dealing with mental, emotional, and physical struggles.” Tipton wants to help people dealing with these experiences and break down the stigma behind mental health, especially in sports. And he knows the struggle all too well.

The Pitt athlete has endured depression, suicidal thoughts and serious injuries that have taken him out of the game. Athletes have a tougher time opening up about mental health, but it’s incredibly important to start those conversations.

“Athletes don’t really get an opportunity to speak up about (mental health). We really don’t get the opportunity to speak up about our situations,” he told TribLive. “And if we do, we get looked at differently.”

There’s this misconception that because an athlete takes hits on the field, they should be tough enough to handle anything. No one is above struggling. Putting on a tough persona to get through things is part of the problem.

“Everybody claims that we’re superheroes. We’re just normal people, just like you,” says Tipton.

Adversity is a Comma in the Sentence of Life

Adversity is a Comma in the Sentence of Life

“Adversity is a comma in the sentence of life, not a period.”

This is just one of the inspiring quotes you can find on Tipton’s apparel. He’s more than just an athlete: he’s a motivator and mentor. Tre Tipton’s apparel is more than just growing HIS brand. It’s about creating a community and letting other athletes know they’re not alone in their struggles.

These are the quotes that speak to Tre and reflect his journey. And everything comes back to LOVE.

“Anything I make from Spreadshop I’m going to give back to LOVE and try to make it into something bigger than it already is,” he says. “The goal is to eventually put LOVE on a bigger scale.”

Tre plans to play football as long as his legs will carry him, but his heart lies in helping athletes. He knows he has the power to make a difference in their lives and he’s giving it all he’s got.

Launch your Spreadshop today to fuel your passion and purpose with merch!

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