Cyber Monday Tips For Shop Owners

Cyber Monday Tips For Shop Owners

Cyber Monday is fast approaching and we’ve got some tips to help shop owners promote their merch and optimize sales. And great news for the e-commerce market: Cyber Monday is now officially bigger than Black Friday!

Cyber Monday is a paramount shopping day in the lead-up to the holidays. People who participate in the online retail blitz are more likely to get their shopping done early than those who don’t. Spreadshop allows shop owners to cash in on the Cyber Monday demand without having to worry about the production process or shipping out orders.

Customize the layout in your shop, push seasonal or exclusive products to the front and share promo codes. This will help to create an inviting online presence for customers and peak their interest. With so many retailers fighting for consumer attention, it’s critical to define your brand.

These shop owner tips aren’t just limited to Cyber Monday. They are effective strategies you can implement in your marketing plan year round. 

share promotional offers

Share Promotional Offers

We have promos available every month that shop owners can share with their followers. No codes required! A banner will simply appear across the top of your Spreadshop advertising offers. Users can just click on the banner to redeem it.

We have multiple promos running through November, including one for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For Cyber Monday, customers can get 15 percent off their order through Dec. 1. This is ideal for people that need more time to justify their online shopping purchases.

Advertise your Cyber Monday promos with engaging, bite-sized content. Instagram Stories are a great way to capture someone’s attention. Large, bold fonts and sale-related icons will disrupt mindless scrolling. And Instagram guides 72 percent of users’ purchasing decisions! So you’re already on the right platform.

If you use link in bio tools, replace your shop link with text that emphasizes Cyber Monday deals. Put this link at the top so people can’t ignore it. Mentioning it in your profile bio doesn’t hurt either.

You can bring new and longtime followers to your Spreadshop with these strategies.

Create Limited Merch Designs

Create Limited Merch Designs

Limited or exclusive merch designs can bring renewed interest to your shop. They can be on brand with the rest of your merch, or be holiday themed to spark extra attention. Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity for this when customers are at their most festive.

This is an effective strategy when you’re marketing your merch in new environments. Comic cons or other creator hubs are ideal scenarios. Using your social media is the next best bet way to implement these Cyber Monday tips.

Make posts on socials promoting the limited designs coming to your shop. You can make these designs available for longer than just one day – maybe a week or two. But it’s important to emphasize that they’ll only get a discount on Cyber Monday. Even more of an incentive for your followers!

If this marketing strategy works well, maybe it’s something to try every so often. It’s going to make your audience feel involved in the process and excited to see what comes next.

Clean Up Your Website

Clean Up Your Website

If it’s been a minute since you really last looked at your Spreadshop, take a glance. You might notice things that just don’t work for your brand anymore. This could include a logo or website theme; anything that feels outdated.

Confidence in your merch should also stem from the platform you use. It’s easy to make these changes and your customers will thank you for it. Since Cyber Monday is bound to attract new people, you want to leave a lasting impression.

Use design tools like Canva to easily update your logo or put a seasonal spin on it. This can be a cute touch. But don’t forget about other website features!

The “About Me” section of your site gives you the opportunity to tell your story. Add photos or a video to put a face to your merch. Make sure you’re optimizing our social icon tool that allows you to link your Instagram, Youtube and Twitch channel. You’ve got to let users know where they can find you.

Boost Seasonal Products

Boost Seasonal Products

As the seasons change, so should your Spreadshop. We’re not talking about a massive overhaul in terms of design. But if it’s Winter, you should really have the hoodies and beanies front and center – not the tank tops.

Consider putting these products on your home screen layout or more prominently in your categories. People want to be presented with items that are appropriate for the season and changing weather. And this can help drive sales.

Let your followers on socials know about relevant merch options with fun photoshoots. It doesn’t have to be anything on a pro-scale. Gather family and friends to sport these items in an outdoor setting. You’ll be associating a feeling, and even place, with your merch. This will make it look cozy and inviting to your customers versus bland stock images.

It sounds like an obvious strategy when you think about it, but many shop owners forget to implement it. Don’t let the busy holiday season distract you from these easy fixes. 

Try Targeted Ads

Try Targeted Ads

If you want to put your merch in front of the right people, target ads are a go-to option. And the holiday season is an optimal time to test out this marketing strategy without sinking in too much money.

Get the attention of users on socials like Instagram. Maybe they’re mindlessly scrolling their feed or actively searching for holiday gifts. Using demographics and categories to your advantage, you can pop up on their phones with these target ads.

Choose eye catching images that don’t feel like your standard ad fare when planning your campaign. These can be photoshoot images like mentioned before, or sale graphics you used for Instagram Stories. You need something that will make people pause and take interest in your merch. Target ads are going to help connect you with that audience instantly.

Open your Spreadshop today to get in on the Cyber Monday merch demand. Happy selling and Happy Holidays!

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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
5 months ago

The tip about using Instagram Stories and emphasizing Cyber Monday deals in the link is spot on. It is crucial to capture attention and redirect followers to the Spreadshop. Can not wait to boost sales with these practical suggestions.
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