Twas a Week Before the Holidays…

Twas a Week Before the Holidays

Twas a week before the Holidays, when all through Spreadshop HQ

Our elves are busy preparing orders for people just like you

The delivery trucks are at the ready, waiting to go

In hopes that your packages will arrive on time, wrapped in a bow.


You’re patiently waiting, nestled under covers in bed.

Last minute emails and Netflix taking up space in your head.

In fluffy PJs, sneaking some early sweets

Patiently awaiting the ultimate Holiday treat.


When suddenly a door slams in the distance,

You run down the stairs with urgent insistence.

Peering out the window with one nervous eye,

A sense of relief: you didn’t miss them go by.


Your package is waiting, sitting there on the stoop

Thought the mailman might have thrown you for a loop.

The door flings open, you can’t wait any more

It’s time to see what Santa has in store.


The lights from the tree and fireplace all aglow,

Everything would feel right with just a little snow.

Seeing the present sitting there, you let out an excited shriek.

It’s tempting to open, but you can wait a week.


Our elves did their work, they could use a good rest

We can happily say they passed the Holiday test.

You’ll open a gift in a week that no one can top

Just tell them where you got it: good old Spreadshop.

Happy Holidays
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Aayan Shangari
2 years ago


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