Spreadshop’s Commitment to Sustainability

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A lot of brands say they want to be more “sustainable”, but what are they doing about it? Action speaks louder than words and corporate branding. At Spreadshop, we know we haven’t been the most sustainable. But moving forward, we’re committed to holding ourselves accountable and taking steps that will create real, actionable impact. And we’re hoping you hold us accountable!

partnering with mr. beast

Partnering With Mr. Beast

The first step in our sustainable journey came in late 2021 through a partnership with Mr. Beast’s Team Seas. For every reusable water bottle bought through the end of the year, we donated $1 to Team Seas ($1 helps remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean). Through water bottle purchases alone, we removed over a ton of trash from the ocean and will donate over $2000 to the cause just for starters. The creator community and individuals around the globe raised over 18 million dollars as of December 16th, 2021.

We have many merch alternatives – water bottles, totes, travel mugs – that help reduce single-use plastic waste. Who would say no to something that looks cool AND is reusable?

Single-use plastic = bad. Reusable and eco-friendly alternatives= good.

What We

What We’ve Done

Looking at the production side of things, we use eco-friendly inks and aim to reduce waste where we can. Our production facilities have been “paperless” for some years now. We’ve expanded our organic clothing assortment and are looking into more eco-friendly apparel options.

We believe your clothing should last longer. That means you buy less and in-turn, waste less. But, wait. We’re a print-on-demand clothing service, so are we really asking you to buy less? Let us explain.

We’re simply asking you to shop smarter.

We’d love it if a shirt you buy through one of our shop owners becomes a staple in your wardrobe and lasts after years of wear. In most cases, our direct-to-garment way of printing outlasts a screen printed shirt that can crack and fade. Those shirts are more likely to end up in the trash.

A More Sustainable Spreadshop

A More Sustainable Spreadshop

We’re committed to expanding our organic line, and adding suppliers who are known for long-lasting apparel. Clothing that’s built to last helps reduce waste. At Spreadshop, we specialize in direct-to-garment printing which uses water based, pigmented inks that are sourced naturally and are environmentally friendly. We partner with companies like Kornit who also have sustainability as a core company value.

You can’t just use a recycled bag and check off a quick list and claim you’re an eco-friendly brand. This work has to be never ending in order to adapt to our changing environment and global culture. We want to work with the best experts and data on the globe to find out where we can make a true impact, for our customers and the world.

Start producing your merch more sustainably with Spreadshop!

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Khaliq Ahmed
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I need guide for selling of my products on spreadshirt, I have been already launch shop but still no single piece sold out. 

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