How to Run a Successful Sale

How to Run a Successful Sale

Shop owners can learn how to run a successful sale by following our three easy steps. When you know how to market your merch and share discounts effectively, engagement and an increase in sales will naturally follow.

Promoting your Spreadshop shouldn’t feel forced. The better you know your shop, the more people are going to be able to identify with you. Understanding your audience and their wants is key to running a successful sale.

Speak to your followers in a natural, non-marketer way that is relevant to the rest of your content. Know what the promo offers are and most importantly: TELL YOUR FOLLOWERS! Running a successful sale should be easy when you follow these steps. 

Fit Sales Into Your Schedule

Fit Sales Into Your Schedule

Posting on your socials is likely already a part of your daily routine. You should have a schedule where you post about shop updates or provide behind the scenes content. This keeps followers invested in your merch. To run a successful sale, this content should feel cohesive with the rest of your social posts.

Plan for promo offers ahead of time so you’re not scrambling to make content at the last minute. Scatter posts for a Holiday promo a couple weeks before the big sale. Do this through multiple forms of media: Instagram stories, static posts, mentions in captions and direct links to your Spreadshop. It’s important to generate interest ahead of time without overwhelming your followers with information.

Even when there’s a big sale, you don’t want to bombard your followers’ feeds with reminders. That’s going to turn them off more than anything. You’ve got to talk to them in a way that feels engaging, yet authentic. You want to build a community.

Stay informed about upcoming promotions

Twice a month, we offer promotions in your shop so that you can generate a higher demand for your merch. Free shipping and discount offers like 15% or 20% off are the most common promotions. If you’re signed up for the Spreadshop newsletter, you’ll get details for each promo in advance so that you’ll be prepared to spread the word.

To apply the promotion, your customers will simply click “redeem” in the banner that will display at the top of your shop. They will see the discount applied to their basket during checkout.

Staying updated about your promos also gives you the opportunity to plan for additional marketing. One great tactic is to release limited edition designs or products during a promotion. Having merch available for a limited time creates major FOMO. Paired with a promotion, this is a perfect combo to increase orders in your shop.

Tell Your Followers

Tell Your Followers

Your followers aren’t going to know about these promos if you don’t tell them they’re happening. This relates to the point of fitting sales into your schedule, but is more about the messaging behind those posts. You’ve got to find creative ways to market your merch. And there’s plenty of ways you can do it for FREE.

It’s important for the growth of your shop to have a presence on multiple social platforms, but some might work better than others. If you’re good at putting together creative visuals, Instagram is the move. Twitter is great for sarcastic, meme-able marketing. And Youtube is the OG for content creation that creates that bond best.

Running a successful sale relies on targeted marketing. You may have followers on all these platforms – but depending on the platform  they’re going to engage with the content differently. Keep that in mind when crafting messages that feel authentic to your brand.

We hope these tips make you feel more prepared to run a successful sale. There’s plenty of opportunities to do so in 2022!

Don’t have merch with us? Launch your Spreadshop today!

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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
15 days ago

Love the advice on integrating promotions seamlessly into social media schedules. It is all about building that genuine connection with your audience while offering value.
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Fhaadi Clothing
2 years ago

Thanks for the information. It’s really great tips. I will try to follow your lead and then run my shop fhaadi clothing.

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