Spreadshop Athlete Paul Mulcahy Spreads Gratitude

Spreadshop Athlete Paul Mulcahy Spreads Gratitude

College athlete Paul Mulcahy is spreading gratitude with merch. Spreadshop is giving the Rutgers basketball player a platform to inspire others.

Other college athletes with merch have taken a similar approach and have chosen to use their platform for change. Amari Carter is a safety for the Miami Hurricane. His nonprofit is helping to provide food for the homeless community in Florida. Paul’s mission: lead with gratitude.

His nonprofit  – the Grateful 4 Foundation – is all about spreading gratitude and inspiring a chain of selfless acts. Merch is a way for him to raise money for his cause and promote what we should feel everyday.

chain of selfless acts

It’s a Chain Reaction

Everyone is capable of feeling gratitude. Our everyday lives can be so busy and stressful that we fail to take time and acknowledge how thankful we are. It can be easy to get caught up in what we don’t have that would make our lives “better” or “easier.” And Paul himself has a lot to be grateful for.

He’s an all-star player on the court, but he’s dealt with troubles off the court that have impacted his life. In 2015, a fire displaced his family and burnt nearly all of their possessions. Paul and his sister were in the house when the fire started. They were lucky to get out when they did.

A loss like that can make you angry and want to turn your back on the world. Instead, Paul opened up his heart to the things in life that really matter. Five years later, he started a foundation with that kind of intention.

grateful 4 foundation

The Big Picture

The Grateful 4 Foundation seeks to create a community based on the idea of gratitude and selflessness. Big things can happen when you think about others rather than yourself. Just like gratitude, there’s something in Paul’s shop for everyone!

The definition of gratitude adorns t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more. Your merch purchase will help support 6 different nonprofit organizations on behalf of the Grateful 4 Foundation. Rep your gratitude and feel confident knowing you’ve helped spread an important message.

What makes you grateful? Turn your passion into merch. Open a Spreadshop today!


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