What to do after you make your first merch sale

What to do after your first merch sale

You’ve just made your first merch sale. Now what? Keep the momentum going by following our best-seller tips!

Your merch isn’t going to sell itself – you’ve got to get the word out. Launching your Spreadshop is just the first step. It’s important to promote your shop and engage your community. Still looking for yours? Find your community by using unique marketing strategies and strengthening your niche.

The first sale should signal a wave of good things to come; not be the beginning and end for your shop. Read on to learn how you can grow your sales!

market your merch

Marketing Master

Marketing your merch is easy when you know what your niche is. This can help you better define your audience and understand their interests. You know how to market to them this way. It will also increase the likelihood for sales when you’re addressing your target audience; you don’t have to engage everyone on the internet.

Find out which platform works best for your audience. Are they more active on TikTok or Instagram? You want to go to them rather than waiting for them to come to you. Decide how you want your content to look once you land on some solid platform options. Consider shooting your merch in-person. This will help your products feel more personal and relatable to your followers. Stock images don’t always translate the vibrancy and quality of your merch.

If you’re still having trouble finding your audience, try targeted ads! Put a little money behind a post. This can help boost likes, shop clicks and profile visits. It’s a more efficient marketing tactic. Socials are where its at and you’ve got to stay active.

stay social

Social Butterfly

Posting consistently and keeping your followers up-to-date with your Spreadshop is good, but you also need to engage with your community. Respond to comments and pose questions to your audience to let them know you value their support. People want to feel included. 

Consider running polls on your Instagram stories asking your followers which merch design they prefer. If you know what they’re interested in, that will make it easier to narrow down your product selection. It will also guarantee more sales.

Hosting a giveaway is also a fun and effective way to show appreciation for your customers. Everyone loves the opportunity to win FREE stuff! Your followers will appreciate this special attention and remember it when you launch new merch down the line.

share promotions

Time For a Promotion

Every month, Spreadshop has promotional offers (free shipping/discounts) you can advertise to your followers. It’s not just when you launch your shop! Those offers are great incentives to get people to purchase your merch. And having a strategy is important.

Advertise these offers ahead of time on your social media. Things like Instagram Stories are a great place to drop these reminders. Even mention these promotional offers at the end of your captions, too.

Drive attention to certain products depending on the season. Make merch that’s themed to different holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Find ways to keep with what’s current and on trend. Continue to tweak your strategy based on the feedback you’re getting and more sales will follow.

engage your community

Launch and Engage

Staying inside your bubble can be comforting, but it’s just not as exciting. Don’t be afraid to talk about your merch with fellow shop owners. That’s where our Spreadshop Community comes in.

The community is a great place to trade ideas and get inspiration for your shop. You’ll find people in the community that have had a Spreadshop for years. They have knowledge and insight that you’re lacking. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions or reach out for advice!

Post your designs there and ask for feedback. Not every design is going to be a winner, and they can help give you some tips. Still having trouble selling your merch? There’s a dedicated space in the community where you can ask anything. Fellow members and administrators are there to respond to your questions.

Making that first sale is a motivator for you to stay in the merch game. We hope these tips can help drive more sales in your shop and grow your brand’s online presence.

Need merch? Launch your own Spreadshop today!

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