Unique Shop Features

Unique Spreadshop Features

Spreadshop has plenty of unique features that are exclusive to our platform. These features allow you to make the most out of your merch.

Did you know you could run multiple shops (up to 10!) under one account? Upload designs, manage your shop and collect payments from the same place. With our automated product creation, you can see what your designs look like on your merch before it goes live. Sizing and placement is up to you.

Spreadshop is a customizable platform. Express your personality and let your merch be an extension of that with different themes and product display options. Find out what sets us apart!

customizable shop layout

Make it Yours

Your Spreadshop start page is fully customizable. You can adjust the theme of your shop to change the overall vibe of your shop. Dedicate your start page to promoting your products, or create your own banner to grab attention. Consider featuring a newly launched design here. Even design a logo for your shop; this is going to help solidify your brand.

You can make changes to your shop layout at any time. Consider revamping your shop depending on the season. Now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning. Put seasonal products like tanks, totes, and water bottles front and center. Update the About Me page on your site to house the most up-to-date information.

It’s easy to link to your socials with Spreadshop. We have icons for different platforms – Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, etc. – that live at the top and bottom of your start page. This makes it easy for people to find you and hear shop news first.

automated product creation

It’s Automatic

Knowing what your designs are going to look like on different products is key to creating a merch line you’re proud of. Spreadshop’s product auto creation automatically gives you product options when you upload a design. You can choose what products you want your designs on with this feature. Limit it to standard options like t-shirts and hoodies, or pick from products you might not have considered, like buttons and magnets.

With the automatic product creation, you can also adjust the placement and size of your designs, too. Certain designs might look better as graphics on the front of a t-shirt or as smaller designs in the corner of a hoodie, for example. This can also help you determine if your designs are merch-ready. Catch mistakes you might not have noticed beforehand and see what colors will work with the color options of our apparel line.

many shops under one account

Multiple Shops Under the Same Roof

Your Spreadshop isn’t limited to just one shop. You can actually house up to 10 shops all under one account. This is ideal for people with different hobbies, business ventures, or organizations they might be involved with. Having these shops under one account makes it easy to track your earnings and access the backend of all your shops. You don’t need multiple usernames and passwords – it’s that simple. This is a particularly unique shop feature.

Even if you don’t feel like these features are beneficial for you right now, it’s great to have the option. Maybe down the line you’ll want to make merch for a new hobby of yours. Even use merch raise money for a fundraiser for your church. This way, you won’t have to create a whole new account.

shop promos

Promotional Perks

Every month, Spreadshop has promotional offers shop owners can blast out to their followers. Promote discounts of various levels and special offers from time to time, like free shipping. These are great tactics to keep old and potential customers engaged in your shop. Everyone loves a good deal!

We have a lot of awesome promos rolling out this spring. Advertise these offers in the lead-up to their scheduled time slots. It’s nice to give your followers ample notice. If you want to encourage more sales, time these promos with new merch drops. It will feel fresh and sales are likely to spark more interest.

If you’re true to the message of your merch, it won’t feel like you’re being super sales pitchy with these promos. Be sly with your advertising and remind people at the end of social captions or in short-lived content like Instagram Stories.

These unique shop features set Spreadshop apart from other merch platforms. Start taking advantage of them today when you make your own merch!

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11 months ago

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