Spring Clean Your Shop

spring clean your shop

Spring cleaning isn’t just for dirty garages and forgotten closets. Your Spreadshop could also use some dusting!

Your shop should be an ever-changing platform. You don’t want to get stuck with the same look and products forever. That’s why it’s important to make some tweaks to your site every now and then. Play with theme options, add new designs, try a different marketing strategy, etc.

Your customers will be more inclined to support you when you make this extra effort. But this doesn’t mean you’ll need to do a major overhaul of your shop. See how some small changes can have your shop looking as fresh as a daisy!

launch a new design

Out with the old, in with the new

Launching a new design is a fun way to refresh your shop. You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer, either. FREE tools like Canva have a bunch of text and graphic elements that will inspire you. Create a graphic in honor of the new season or add something you know your fans will love.

Ask for feedback on your socials and whatever channels you typically use: Twitch for streamers, Youtube for content creators. You want to drum up as much excitement as you can around a new design before it launches. And the more you involve your fans and followers, the more likely they are to buy your merch design when it launches.

With the addition of a new design, you also might want to consider retiring an old one. Maybe it just doesn’t fit your aesthetic anymore or wasn’t a big seller. Give it a proper sendoff by marking down the price and promoting it on socials one last time.

refresh products

Hit the refresh button

While you’re adding new designs, it’s also important to put the seasonal products on display. This means having your tanks, t-shirts, water bottles, totes and more, front and center. These are the items people are going to be reaching for more as the weather changes. Beach and camping trips are just around the corner!

We’ve added some products since last spring that will be staples for this season. Our new fanny pack has a retro vibe but is perfectly on trend. This is a fun merch item that will attract eyeballs wherever you go. It will also look great styled in photos (more on that later).

Having these items up front shows potential customers that your Spreadshop is active. You don’t want it to look like something you set up months ago and haven’t touched since. This is essential spring cleaning right here.

marketing strategy

Shake up your strategy

Your strategy doesn’t need to be as complicated as this graphic is making it, we promise! A marketing strategy is basically just how you go about marketing and promoting your shop. If you don’t have one, now’s the time!

Think about where your customers spend most of their time. Go to those channels and create conversations. If you already have similar interests, it’s going to be easier to market your merch. You can speak in a personal tone. Beyond what you do on your own, you should also take advantage of offers from Spreadshop!

We have promos running nearly every week this spring. Everyone loves a discount or deal, so use these as an incentive to get people to purchase. Pro tip: cross-promote these promos with the launch of new merch to draw more attention! Your socials will be a valuable asset to your shop if you have a marketing strategy in place this spring.

revamp your theme

Time for a revamp

The landing page of your Spreadshop has a real impact on your merch sales. You want it to be inviting, clean and easy to navigate. This boils down to different design choices and the vibe you want to create with your shop.

If your shop doesn’t have a logo or flashy promo images, let your products do the talking. Have your landing page be a simple banner with product options available to browse (make sure they’re seasonally appropriate). Feature your newly launched designs here, too. That way, customers won’t be clicking on other sections. It will already be there for them to view and shop.

Maybe things have changed for your shop in the past few months. You have a new message, a new passion. If it’s not there already, toggle on the About Me feature in your shop settings. Create an updated bio that lets people know who you are and why you have merch in the first place. People want to connect with you and your merch, so give them a reason.

take photos for socials

Share your merch on socials

We’re not saying you need to be a professional model or anything, but it’s important to rock your merch here and there. It will feel more tangible to people if they see you take a selfie wearing one of your t-shirts. This shows you are giving your seal of approval.

If you really don’t want to be in front of the camera, recruit family/friends to model for you. The photos should have a natural and relaxed vibe. You don’t want them to look too posey. These shots will be great to reuse on socials in different formats: Instagram stories, static posts, boosted ads. If you get a few you’re extra happy with, consider putting them in your Spreadshop. Use one as a banner, put some on your About Me page.

Photos with people in them traditionally get better engagement on socials than text or graphic-based posts. You’re bringing your merch into the real world instead of having it live exclusively online. Likes and sales are sure to follow with these of posts.

We hope these tips got you ready to spring clean your shop!

Looking for merch? Open your own Spreadshop right now.

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Elijah Ackhurst
1 year ago

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