Spreadshop Supports Digital Artists

Spreadshop supports digital artists

Spreadshop is an advocate for digital artists in all spaces. We’re aware that there’s been a backlash concerning merch from shop owners in the crypto and NFT communities. Here at Spreadshop, we want to make our mission clear: we support digital arts in their creative endeavors.

Merch is made for people to express themselves. Sharing your passion is what our platform is made for. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, there’s plenty of room for different niche interests.

At Spreadshop, we want to see people grow their brand and create their own community. And the crypto and NFT communities are growing places for digital artists. Merch is a logical step to connect with a fanbase, and we’re here to help make that happen.

build brands not blockchains

Build a brand with Spreadshop

We don’t associate ourselves with blockchain technology. We occupy the print on-demand space which makes the merch production process a breeze for the typical shop owner. You upload designs and plan a social strategy/promotion for your shop. We handle the rest: printing, packaging and shipping.

Spreadshop doesn’t participate in the sale of NFTs, either. If an NFT artist wants to upload their artwork onto products and sell them, that’s where we come in. Having a piece of art you created on merch is a big deal. You’re giving new life to something and creating conversations in the process. Your digital art portfolio just became your own personal merch brand!

The Snowmen of Knoff is a prime example of that. Their whimsical designs look great on products people can use in their everyday lives: caps, tees, mugs and more. Someone who has no experience with NFTs will just think they’re really cute designs. Merch is for everybody, not just people who are familiar with your niche.

save with spreadshop

Save with Spreadshop

Since Crypto and NFTs are such hot topics right now, it can be tempting to invest all your resources into them. It’s important to hold back in some areas. That saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is corny, but true. Opening a Spreadshop is a low-cost risk. It’s FREE and easy to use. And you won’t be stuck with boxes of t-shirts if things don’t work out.

It’s important to be true to your art at the end of the day. Avoid scammy websites or platforms that claim to promote your art and make promises they can’t keep. We don’t ask for personal information and all sales are legit. You can feel confident about promoting your shop to your followers.

Before you get too far into the crypto and NFT game, see how merch with your art on it does. If certain designs perform better than others, make similar designs available. Find what attracts an audience and run with it in a way that still feels authentic to your brand.

get the facts straight

Spreadshop sticks to the facts

One of the first things we hear is: “NFTs hurt the environment.” People like to talk about how much electricity it takes to mint a digital file. Meanwhile, millions of ATM machines are running non-stop and using so much energy. Does that mean you’ll stop using cash?

We’re mindful that with any new market disruption there is propaganda that comes from both sides. Anyone remember NAPSTER? Corporations and gatekeepers do not want the control in the hands of the artists. Some of the same arguments against NFTs are used when it comes to free music online, but it’s become commonplace to have Spotify or Apple Music.

We’re not experts. For now, until the facts are very clear and scientifically studied, we choose to support digital artists within our own community standards.

Do you have facts for or against NFTs? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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Mihaz Mizz
Mihaz Mizz
1 year ago

can i sell digital products on spreadshop?

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