Spreadshop Celebrates Women’s History Month

international womens month

Spreadshop is celebrating Women’s History Month by spotlighting women-owned shops. Everyday, we see a diverse range of women opening up shops and launching brands that relate to their personal mission.

Merch gives women the opportunity to tell their story. It’s a way to connect with others who have similar passions and interests. Your Spreadshop is whatever you want it to be, and these four women have proven that to be true.

Rainelle Jones

Rainelle Jones

We’re proud to call Rainelle a Spreadshop athlete. The University of Maryland volleyball player is a powerhouse on the court and is sending a powerful message with her merch, too. Her decision to kneel in solidarity with those affected by racial injustice is being amplified.

“Fighting for what you believe in is bigger than us,” says Rainelle.

NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) has created opportunities for Rainelle and other college athletes to brand themselves and earn money. Rainelle is using her platform, like so many others, to create change. She has an influence on her team, her school, her community. And she’s using it for good.

Sicily Rose

Sicily Rose

Sicily Rose is a triple threat: actress, singer and dancer. At 15, she has amassed over 560,000 followers on TikTok and 650,000 followers on Instagram. Sicily has formed a bond with her followers, and her merch helps strengthen that connection.

Sicily’s shop feels fun and fresh. Phrases like “I’m good by myself” and “I’m good, babe” emphasize her independent spirit. She’s doing good all by herself and isn’t looking to anyone for approval.

She’s also a model and often wears her hoodies and t-shirts in her social posts. Channel some of that energy when you buy merch from Sicily’s shop!

nena shelby

Nena Shelby

Nena Shelby is another young woman who’s blazing her own path and building a brand. Her Youtube channel features guitar tutorials that have generated thousands of views. She’s empowering young women from all over to pick up a guitar and speak their truth.

Nena emphasizes on her channel that skill level and how long you’ve played guitar aren’t as important. What matters is that you speak to your soul through your playing. Nena’s merch is simple and super cute. She even uses one of her own guitars in her designs.

Whether you’ve been playing guitar for years or have just started, Nena’s channel (and merch!) are there to help motivate you.

monique empath

Monique Empath

Monique has carved out a unique niche with her merch. She is a psychic medium that gives people insight into their lives and future. She doesn’t predict anything, rather read energy. She provides her clients with insight about concerns and questions so they can determine the best solution for themselves.

She is really a transmitter for all of this energy and information, which makes her merch so spot-on. A symbol of a person, arms outstretched with a signal over their head represents the openness you have to lead with in her sessions, and in life. Monique wants to see her clients succeed, that’s why she does what she does.

We’re so inspired by all these women. They are all unique and have their own passions that are taken to the next level thanks to their shops.

Want to make your own merch? Launch a Spreadshop today!


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9 months ago

Thank you so much for your help, I am learning a lot at least. I for one have learned a lot from this.

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