Merch Designs for Spring

merch designs for spring

Celebrate spring by refreshing your shop with some spring-themed designs! We’ve got plenty of inspiration for those wanting to embrace the season.

Cute, pastel colored designs are a fun way to re-engage with your customers. People change their wardrobe every season, and that should apply to your Spreadshop, too! Design services like Canva have plenty of spring graphics and templates to help you make your spring designs.

See how fellow shop owners are using spring to spruce up their shop!

Spring Stickers

Spring Stickers

Stickers are a fun way to personalize your everyday items. It’s easy to style up notebooks, water bottles, and more. Even though spring designs might focus on certain colors or design elements, they look cute all-year round. 

DG Apparel is proof of that. They have a bunch of fun, but simple designs in their shop. The butterfly flower sticker and honeycomb sticker are spring staples. They’ve taken identifiable spring elements and created something cute, yet classic.

mushroom designs

Fun with Fungi

Mushrooms are a major trend this spring. Major retailers like Urban Outfitters are making mushroom moves with jewelry and more. Merch is the next logical step.

Simone Studios has a bunch of cute designs in her shop for spring, and she creates them all herself! Her mushroom art is particularly unique. One of her designs titled Mr. Shroom features a monocle-wearing mushroom complete with mustache and top hat. The other simply called Mushrooms! Is a classic design that will look cute on all kinds of merch.

floral merch

Merch in Bloom

Florals for spring might be a bit cliche, but it never fails. Who doesn’t get excited when the flowers start to bloom? We love to see how shop owners interpret it with their merch.

Simone Studios also sells a sunflower sticker in her shop. Because it’s so simple, it will work with anything you want to put it on. That’s enough to brighten my day. Shannon Torrens brand is built on simple living. The minimalist Youtuber is expressing that with merch. Her live simply design is a reminder to take a bike ride (or a stroll) and smell the flowers.

We hope these shop owners inspired you to put your spin on spring designs for your merch. Get creative and bring attention back to your shop.

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Tree Surgery Eastbourne

Refreshing merch designs for spring is such a great idea! The emphasis on cute, pastel-colored designs and the use of platforms like Canva for inspiration make it accessible for all shop owners. The spotlight on spring stickers and the trend of mushrooms and florals adds a touch of creativity. Thanks for the inspiration to bring a fresh and seasonal vibe to our shops!

1 year ago

Great thanks

1 year ago

You shared some great ideas here! Spring 2023 is here and I was thinking of designing some obscure industry niche T-shirts to sell to local landscaping companies like which I noticed is one area where you don’t see much merch. So many opportunities for merch in the Spring!

mavs design
2 years ago

Check out this cool premium designs

2 years ago

Hey Spreadshop I have some Spring t-shirts My own also I would Love To wear other people’s Clothes From their own Website

Hi spreadshop I love it so much

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