International Creator Day: TubeBuddy + Spreadshop Celebrate Creators

Spreadshop is stoked to be the official merch partner for this year’s INTERNATIONAL CREATOR DAY on Saturday, April 23rd.

Some BIG names are coming out to celebrate with us, including MrBeast, Neekolul, Typical Gamer and Mr. Daniel Batal!!

Hosted by our good friends at TubeBuddy who love creators just as much as we do. The purpose of International Creator Day is to celebrate the digital/social creator community and to encourage people everywhere to recognize the impact content creators have made on the lives of so many.

We both truly believe that creators have the ability to change the world.

Their presence and content help people through hard times by providing comfort and a sense of community and belonging. They bring knowledge and education about a range of topics to people who may not otherwise have access to that type of information. And they provide entertainment and a mental escape during the times we need it most. The creator community makes an impact on so many lives and we feel like they are worth recognizing.

The live 8-hour live stream party will feature:

  • 1:1 or Panel Interviews
  • Creator Journey Stories
  • Live Performances
  • Games & Trivia
  • Special Announcements
  • Giveaways, Community Celebrations & Recognitions

In particular, Spreadshop is giving away a TON of custom merch, and a few 1-1 strategy sessions with our “TEAM AWESOME” experts. They are our internal group of merch design experts and strategists who have helped some of the world’s top creators win the merch game. Now they will be at your command!

Join the Live Stream Party!

The best merch. Easy.





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drift boss
3 months ago

great article!

1 year ago

Keep going

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