Thanks, mom and dad! Order deadlines for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2022

Thanks, mom and dad! Order deadlines for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2022

Kids— they grow up so fast. Before you know it, they’ve moved on from gifting their parents clumsily-glued construction paper projects for Mother’s and Father’s Day to more grown-up (if no less heartfelt) gifts. This spring, your Shop customers will be looking for meaningful gifts for their moms and dads. Will they find the perfect present in your Shop?

If you are already in the process of spring cleaning your Shop, you can use the space you free up for a few Mother’s and Father’s Day designs. Add your own personal touch and be creative—it’s not all bouquets and neckties.

Our tip: Promote your designs for these big days on Instagram and Facebook. After the order deadlines have passed, however, you should cut back on your advertising. Because we all know: disappointed parents are a force to be reckoned with.

Order deadlines Mother’s Day 2022

As always, we reserve the right to change our order deadlines at short notice. You can always find the current delivery times here in the blog article.

Country Date Shipping Deadline Order Deadline
DE 5/8/22 5/4/22 4/30/22
US 5/8/22 4/28/22 4/25/22
FR 5/29/22 5/21/22 5/17/22
NL 5/8/22 5/2/22 4/27/22
AT 5/8/22 5/2/22 4/27/22
IT 5/8/22 4/27/22 4/24/22
ES 5/1/22 4/15/22 4/12/22
PL 5/26/22 5/18/22 5/15/22
DK 5/8/22 4/26/22 4/23/22
FI 5/8/22 4/26/22 4/23/22
SE 5/9/22 4/28/22 4/24/22

Order deadlines Father’s Day 2022

Country Date Shipping Deadline Order Deadline
DE 5/26/22 5/23/22 5/17/22
UK 6/19/22 6/9/22 6/6/22
US 6/19/22 6/10/22 6/6/22
FR 6/19/22 6/10/22 6/7/22
NL 6/19/22 6/13/22 6/8/22
AT 6/19/22 6/13/22 6/8/22
PL 6/23/22 6/13/22 6/8/22
NO 11/13/22 11/1/22 10/26/22
DK 6/5/22 5/25/22 5/22/22
FI 11/13/22 11/3/22 10/28/22
SE 11/13/22 11/3/22 10/28/22

As far as deadlines are concerned, we usually take two days to ship an order. As always, we will do our best to ensure that all your customers receive their orders on time.

Do you have any questions or comments about the order deadlines? Write us in the forum!



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