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stickers for your spreadshop

Spreadshop makes it easy to make and sell stickers. You upload the designs, and we take care of everything else! These small merch items can help generate big sales for your shop.

Many of our shop owners sell stickers and find success. They’re an easy sell considering the price and personalization factor. You can put them on anything you want: notebooks, laptops, phone cases, etc. Stickers are a great way to connect creators to their audience!

Get inspiration for your own stickers by checking out designs from different shop owners, and learn why they’re beneficial for your brand.

stickers are an easy sell

When people are first purchasing from your shop, they might not go for the t-shirts or hoodies right away. Stickers are a great introduction to your brand and allow people to feel connected to you at a low cost. Whether you sell them through your shop or in-person, stickers are an easy way to build your brand.

If you’re a small business and have a table at a local conference or market, lay out stickers on your table that you can hand out to attendees. Giving out t-shirts is a bigger cost you might want to avoid at first. Having stickers still gets your name at there and acts as a physical reminder of your brand.

multipurpose merch

Your customers have the power of personalization when they buy stickers from your shop. They can do whatever they want with them! We love seeing the different ways people get creative with stickers.

You can stick them on your planner for daily motivation, or put them on tablet/tech cases. Creating a collage on your laptop is always a fun thing. That way, you know no one else’s laptop is going to look like yours. We also like the idea of adding them to on-the-go items. Put them on reusable water bottles or card holders; it’s bound to spark conversation when you’re out and about.

sticker design inspiration

Not to brag, but our shop owners have the best merch designs (and they look super cute in sticker form). You can do so much with stickers. Interpret your likeness in a fun, graphic style. Pat Lab from Netflix’s Making Fun is selling a wacky depiction of his workshop self. Trestles – an indie, surf rock band from Santa Cruz – made a hand-drawn sketch of their likeness for their merch.

You can never go wrong with simple graphics, though. Simone Studios turns her art into merch. She has designs that are perfect for the spring season. Her mushroom sticker is cure and trendy. Musicians and music enthusiasts will appreciate this corg-keys sticker from Miss April’s Music. We’re suckers for a good pun.

Making and selling stickers is easy and fun when you use Spreadshop. We can’t wait to see what you create! Open your own shop today. It’s FREE!

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uno online
6 months ago

The logo is very eye-catching.

Luke gaeta
Luke gaeta
2 years ago

I’m excited

mavs design
2 years ago

visit for more design inspirations

2 years ago

The stickers are much too small.

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