Why You Need to Be Making Instagram Reels

why you need to make reels

As a creator or small business owner, you know that engagement is key to growing your brand on Instagram. And what better way to engage with your followers than through Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are the perfect platform for you to showcase your personality and connect with your audience. With quick, engaging videos, you can reach a whole new audience and introduce them to you and your brand.

If you’re not already making Instagram Reels, now’s the time to start! Here’s why:

generate engagement

Engagement is Key

Instagram Reels are a great way to connect with your audience and encourage engagement. Here are some tips on how to create engaging Reels:

– Use interesting and creative visuals: people are more likely to engage with content that is visually stimulating. So make sure your reels are eye-catching and have some fun visuals. Capcut makes it easy to upload video clips and create reels. And they have text and graphic icons that you can use!

– Keep it short and sweet: nobody wants to watch a long, dragged-out reel. Keep your reel concise and to the point, so that people will actually want to watch it all the way through. Have an action item, like directing people to click the link in your bio.

– Be interactive: ask questions, run polls, or include some other element that encourages participation from your viewers. The more interactive your reel is, the more engagement you’re likely to receive. Make sure to share your Reels to your Stories so your followers have a better chance of seeing them.

show your personality

Showcase Your Personality

Instagram Reels allow you to share your personality with your followers in a fun, unique format. When you use Reels, people will get to know you and your brand better. They’ll feel more connected to you and be more likely to support your business. It’s a win-win!

You can also find more creative ways to market your product or service through video content. Spreadshop brand ambassador Clueless Bushcraft (Tom) makes videos about how to survive in the wilderness. He made a TikTok testing our water bottles in frigid temperatures. He discovered that our insulted water bottle prevented water from freezing, and that our regular water bottle would come in handy if you needed to boil water.

Tom found a unique way to promote his merch but still provide value with his content. These are the kind of tips and tricks that his audience wants to learn from him. Instagram Reels, just like TikTok videos, can provide the same level of value. And they’re only going to help you grow.

grow your reach on instagram

Gain More Followers

The Instagram algorithm favors reels over any kind of content; static posts just aren’t enough anymore. The app AND users are more likely to engage with Reels. The average engagement rate for these regular posts are low. If you translate that content into a Reel, Instagram is going to push it to more people.

Having a Reel strategy for your socials will ensure that the content you’re working so hard on is being noticed and recognized. You don’t want to spend months with content that doesn’t get you results. This makes it easier to grow your followers and because they’re sharable, Reels are a great way to get your brand in front of more people.

Popping up on someone’s Explore page is also more likely when you use the Reel format.

instagram explore page

Let People Come to You!

Popping up on someone’s Instagram Explore Page is a great sign that you’re reaching your target audience. Everyone’s Explore page is different and is specific to each user. Finding the right targeted hashtags and trying to reach your target audience that way can be time consuming and overwhelming. Reels find that user faster and are more effective than static posts.

Instagram Reels are a great entry point for people new to your brand. You can approach them in a way that feels natural and more authentic. This is going to resonate with people. Connections are made when you appear authentic and dedicated to what you’re doing. People can tell when someone’s not genuine. You just have to be you.

We hope these tips gave you more insight on how Instagram Reels can promote your business and grow your following on the app. If you’re looking to build your brand up even more and make some extra money, merch is a great way to do so!

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Hanwiler Nas
Hanwiler Nas
22 days ago

Embracing Instagram Reels is a game-changer for creators and small business owners. It’s a fantastic way to infuse personality into your brand and connect with your audience. Considering the power of AI video translation, imagine the broader impact you could achieve by making your engaging Reels accessible to a global audience effortlessly

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Will Saldana
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1 year ago

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Rinku Chakraborty
1 year ago

Thank you so much

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