Promo Strategy for the Holidays

holiday promos for your shop

If you want to sell more merch this holiday season, then you need to take advantage of the promos we’re offering! By talking about incentives like 20% off or FREE shipping, you can encourage people to purchase from your shop. 

To make the most of these promos, push new, festive designs and add our latest holiday products to your shop. With a little planning and creativity, you can boost your sales and have a successful holiday season!

promo dates

Write These Down

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means some of the biggest shopping holidays are about to begin! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest days for discounts and promo codes, so make sure you’re prepared!

In addition to our already low prices, we’ll be offering an extra 35% off your entire order from our shop on Black Friday and big Cyber Monday deals! These are some of the biggest offers we have all year, so don’t miss out! And your customers don’t need promo codes or anything. They can just apply these offers automatically when they purchase from your shop.

Make sure your merch ends up on peoples’ shopping lists by talking about these promos. We’ve got some suggestions.

plan your promos

Have Some Kind of Plan

If you don’t have some kind of plan before you market your holiday promos, they just won’t be as effective. Make sure you announce them at least a week before the promo starts so your customers have a heads up. 

Think about what designs or products you want to be pushing. Consider bringing back a fan favorite design you previously retired. Or even get your followers in on the process by asking them to design your merch for you or have them pick their favorites. You want the marketing to feel interactive so people will become more invested in your shop and follow through with purchases.

It’s also more digestible for people when you give them options instead of just trying to promote your entire shop. Make sure you’re pushing your merch as gifts or seasonal must-haves. Messaging is key.

message for your merch

Be Personal

We know everyone appreciates a good deal, especially during the holidays, but your followers also don’t want to feel like they’re being pushed to buy something. You shouldn’t sound sales-pitchy when you’re promoting these offers. It should sound like you’re talking to a friend and feel on brand.

Be personal with your messaging. Come up with catchy call-to-actions you can use in captions and teaser graphics. Even consider coming up with a holiday-themed tag line that ties into the theme of your shop. Why not create a hashtag that your followers can refer to when there’s an active promotion. 

It should still feel like content you would normally put out on socials. Use funny GIFs or memes to make it more relatable to your audience and grab their attention. It’s also important to be aware of how much you’re pushing these promos. It needs to be timed right so your followers don’t annoyed and think it’s spam.

promo materials

Let’s Talk About It

There are many different ways you can go about talking about promos on your socials. We always make promo graphics that shop owners like you can download and re-share on your feed. If you want to make a splash with your promos, make short video content. 

Wear your merch and play trending music in the background so the algorithm will boost your content. Plan a holiday-themed photoshoot with your family and friends to make it feel even more official. Showcasing your merch in this light makes it more appealing than sharing screenshots. That’s just not exciting enough for people.

Do a countdown leading up to these promos or share pictures of customers enjoying the holidays with your products. Customers love feeling like they are part of a community, so make sure to show them that your shop is just that. No matter what you do, have fun with it and be creative! Your followers will appreciate the effort.

holiday merch products

Tis the Season

It’s the holiday season so make sure you’re pushing these holiday favorites! We just added some classics to our assortment. 

Our holiday stocking is minimalist, yet modern. Decorate them with holiday designs and phrases, or personalize them for people to use as gift bags. Our Santa hat is another classic you can’t go wrong with. Your customers will stand out when they rock your designs at their annual office party and other holiday get-togethers. 

We hope these tips helped prepare you for the holiday shopping blitz. Now it’s time to start promoting!

Make some extra money when you sell merch with Spreadshop this season. It’s FREE!

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carina mitrovic
carina mitrovic
7 months ago

Hi I’m so tired and sad about everything in here, what’s wrong, I want to have the opportunity to design ,with your prints in for weekends, but it says log in at the top corner on the right ,I’m logged in, on my spredshirt, and when I press on your products to be able to use them even though I have link, On my side, I can’t be used the things you show me to be able to use, it’s weird. then i just log back to my site without getting these different design tools, what’s that full what is the point I have made myself more than a hundred different designed patterns, but should I not be able to use weekend prints, like now for Halloween ,Christmas it actually looks like my site never updated, .so if you want to use your moths ,for design clothes to be sold. but it’s not possible to get them on one page. What do you do then?

Md Siyam Ahamed
Md Siyam Ahamed
1 year ago

Hay im new saler

1 year ago

Hi, I’ve just set up my shop and there’s a 15% intro promo running till 26 Nov. But I’d like to do the 35% Black Friday promo – at the moment it says it can’t do that as it overlaps with the intro offer. I can’t edit the intro offer as it’s now live. Any suggestions?

Samantha Leavell
Samantha Leavell
1 year ago
Reply to  Emma

I’m having the same issue with my shop too.

1 year ago

Yes thank you

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