Get Your Shop Ready for Black Friday

get your shop ready for black friday

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday is almost here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you can score some great Black Friday deals for yourself AND your customers.

We’ll be offering one of our biggest promos of the year: 35% off all orders placed from your shop for Black Friday! This is a great opportunity to drive sales and interest in your shop, so make sure you’re prepared. Let your customers know about the promo and generate buzz with new designs and seasonal products.

Get your shop ready for Black Friday and take advantage of this can’t-miss opportunity!

black friday promo

35% Off All Orders

In addition to our already low prices, we’ll be offering an extra 35% off your entire order from our shop on Black Friday! Make sure to talk about this promo on your socials without spamming your followers. We have some graphics that you can share with your followers on our community page. And a quick TikTok or Reel talking about the promo is well worth it!

People are more likely to buy from your shop when a big sale is going on so give them a reason.

add a new design

Fresh Merch

If you haven’t added any new designs to your shop in a while, Black Friday is the perfect time to do it! A new design will help drive sales, especially if you market it with our big Black Friday promo. 

Ask for feedback from your fans and followers to see what they would most like to wear. Adding a holiday spin to your designs is always a good idea – people love getting into the festive mood this time of year. Add keywords that are relevant to your niche so people can easily find your products online. It’s all about catering to your demographic!

market your merch

Promote Your Shop

A lot of shop owners can get overwhelmed when it comes to marketing their merch. We’ve got some top tips you can follow:

1. If you’re able to, take photos of you or your family and friends wearing your merch. This is a great way to show potential customers what your products look like in real life.

2. Share images or previews of new designs on socials. This will help generate interest in your products.

3. Link to your shop in related content, like below your YouTube videos or blog posts. It can help potential customers find your products more easily.

Black Friday is the perfect time to start marketing your shop. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be sure to attract new customers in no time!

holiday merch products

Seasonal Favorites

If you’re looking for some great Black Friday merch options, look no further than the holiday classics! We’ve recently added several classic items to our product assortment, including Santa hats and stockings. Start selling these festive items in your shop today.

Customers will love being able to personalize their own products with their name or whatever they want. And our year-round items like camper mugs and sweatshirts are perfect for those chillier months. Your customers will want to curl up by the fire and watch a holiday classic with their new favorite merch!

Don’t have merch yet? Want to make some extra money this holiday season with merch?

Launch your own Spreadshop for FREE!

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14 days ago

Black Friday is a really convenient and cool day of the year. The only sad thing is that you simply may not have time to buy some goods due to high demand and workload(

Yagami Light
1 year ago

Really Cool Designs and I Hope You Love It ✅
Surprise your family and your Friends With New Gifts🎁

1 year ago

please support me to do designs ( just DM me on insta { karim.m.n.m } if someone needs any design i can help ) < my work type; architecture – interior – editor – graphic designer – web design – web developer/creator

Ayten Syreen
Ayten Syreen
1 year ago

i am new but i face some issue

Nia Ackel
Nia Ackel
1 year ago

I recently launched my store and didn’t know how Promos work exactly, I guess even if you activated the 35%OFF sale but didn’t turn of any other sale going at the time it won’t show up online. The worst part is that you cannot edit the promos the same day.

stephanie riv
1 year ago

why isn’t the promo showing on my page.

Samantha Leavell
Samantha Leavell
1 year ago
Reply to  stephanie riv

It isn’t showing on mine either

1 year ago

Mine either. No sale price at checkout either.

Kapembaw mwenda
Kapembaw mwenda
1 year ago

I am new here but I am looking found to work with spreadshirt.

1 year ago

check Our discount

Crystal Zavallo
Crystal Zavallo
1 year ago

If customers use the code, does it impact our profit margin?

1 year ago

Thank you

Sanjeev Kumar Kairati
Reply to  ARAZAK

Welcome dear

1 year ago


A Plus
1 year ago

On what date does the 35% promo start?

Jennifer Reese
1 year ago
Reply to  A Plus

Look under your promo campaigns section of your shop. You might need to turn it on. It’s scheduled for 11/25/22 (Friday).

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