Start Selling Merch With These Seasonal Products

seasonal merch

Are you ready to get into merch? Do it with seasonal products! The holidays are rapidly approaching, and everyone is looking for gifts for others (or themselves).

If you’re thinking of starting your own merch shop, we recommend several products that have to be best-sellers year after year. Launch with our top picks and get ahead of the competition! Not only will your customers be able to shop unique and trendy items when you use Spreadshop, but they’ll also know they’re coming from a reliable source. 

Launch your shop with these seasonal products in time for the holidays!


Cuddly Cuties

Our Teddy Bear and Dog plushies are adorable anywhere: under the tree, stuffed into stockings, just sitting on the couch. And they can even double as your shop mascot.

They’re outfitted in little T-shirts where you can upload your favorite merch designs onto. Put them in festive designs for the holiday as a way to boost your initial sales. The T-shirts are available in three color options: white, red and black. Red is perfect for the season.

Use these cuties when you start talking about your shop on socials for the holidays. T-shirts are standard for merch, but these cuddly plushies add cuteness and charm to your brand. Start selling them in your shop!

seasonal hoodies

Comfy Staples

Make the most of your merch for the season with hoodies and sweatshirts! These cozy, classic-fit styles are perfect for snuggling up with a mug of hot cocoa and taking in the winter weather. Pick from a variety of colors like burgundy and green, and even go for an ‘oversized’ fit for extra comfort. Text-based designs look great on these products, like your shop name or quotes and taglines. 

This custom merch will last past the holidays, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make something special. It’s easy to put your own spin on your merch. So, spread the seasonal spirit and start designing!


Baking Necessity

It may be an odd merch choice, but it’s an essential one this time of year. The holidays are our favorite time for baking. There’s just so many delicious seasonal flavors to enjoy: cinnamon, gingerbread, peppermint. Our mouths are watering thinking about all the treats we’re going to bake!

If you’re a messy baker like us, aprons are necessary attire in the kitchen. Our Adjustable Apron is available in different colors. That way, your customers can rotate through a collection of fun-colored aprons!

We have a soft spot for baking pun designs, especially when they’re Holiday-related! This is a fun seasonal product to play with.


Holiday Favorite

Make the most of your merch this Holiday season with our Natural Holiday Stocking. With its timeless faux burlap shade and red braided drawstrings, it’ll look great with any kind of design.

Your customers can fill them with small presents and hang them on the mantle to add a wonderfully festive touch. So make sure you tell them that they’re multipurpose you’re promoting them. And stockings are a merch item that’s bound to create memories.

So don’t forget to activate the Natural Holiday Stocking in your shop for a product that’s both stylish and seasonal.

Now that you know what the go-to seasonal products are, it’s time to start selling them, along with hundreds of other options. Launch your own Spreadshop for FREE today!

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