How to Build a Fanbase

how to build a fanbase

Your fans are worth a million follows each. They show up, support you, buy your merch, and sing your praises. Fans are the ones who bring positivity and passion by supporting your work. They’re why creators do what they do!

But what if you’re just starting out? How do you go about building a fanbase?

fans are everywhere

Everyone Has the Potential to Be a Fan

Not all fans are created equal. People who you might not think could be a fan of yours may end up becoming your biggest supporter. Remember: All fans are strangers first. So how do you convert them from stranger to fan?

Let’s break this down a bit. Your fanbase won’t be made of the same people. It will be made of people that are:

Drifters: These were once your biggest fans, but you don’t hear from them as much anymore. They may have lost their connection to you or moved onto something different. Your job here is to inspire them to connect with you by creating great content or giving them something else they might want from you. Like merch!

Followers: These are big fans, but maybe they don’t have the money to buy your merch, join your group, pay month-to-month membership fees, etc. Yet, there’s a tradeoff here. While they might not be able to buy your items or become members, they share your social posts, and comment and interact with your content. Keep this group satisfied by making great content that resonates. This way, some might eventually be moved to invest money in your brand.

Top Tier Fans: This is the group of people that will buy anything you sell to them. They will share and comment on socials, buy merch, and act as your best source of monetization.  Make great content with them in mind, keep their participation and interactions up, give them exciting merch to buy that resonates. Turn them into ambassadors of your brand!

fans want to feel special

Make Your Fans Feel Special

A true connection starts by being 1-on-1. Go above and beyond to show how much your fans mean to you. Don’t just do the bare minimum to get by. Show fans you are real by being transparent. Reply to comments and messages in a personal way and generate conversations and buzz that uplift your brand.

Again, your content needs to be real. If you are going to make random posts or not take the time to create quality content, you might as well not create any content at all. Bring value to your fans with content they connect with and shows a true appreciation for their fandom.

Be Consistent

People forget quickly. Posting a ton one week and then going silent feels like you’re ghosting your audience. It’s a huge step backwards in terms of building a fanbase.

Regular posts and videos are key here – but don’t post just to post. Think the content through and remember that time put into content creation will have a far greater value than half-hearted filler content. Give viewers and fans what they want: Quality Content. Here are 4 ways to help you plan your content.

collaborate with other creators

Collaboration is Key

Collaborating with other creators, artists, or entrepreneurs in your niche can help you build connections and share you content with others that might want to be part of your community.

Find creators that share not only a niche with you, but ones that also share your message, vibe, and tone. Create content that speaks to your message and give your fans something to embrace. Make sure it serves a greater purpose to help you gain momentum in building your fan base.

be patient with your fans

It Takes Time

Building a fan base takes time. There’s no sugar coating that, and it can seem completely overwhelming, but try to remain patient.

Take each day one day at a time so you can move that needle slightly. Imagine your success in three months, six months, or a year from today. Success doesn’t come overnight.

Your dedication to creating quality content, consistent efforts, and small day-to-day changes will generate exponential growth. Don’t get hung up becoming an overnight sensation; it’s not feasible. Showing up, creating good content, building, learning, and making real connections is how one builds a fanbase. Enjoy the journey!

Once you build your fanbase, you can start to find other ways to connect with your fans. Like merch!

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6 months ago

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1 year ago

Thanks for this post. I am definitely trying to reach more fans

1 year ago

yes ,i like my thought

GEF6560 Designs
1 year ago

Collaboration is a bit tricky because of issues over who owns what. In other words, the IPR, the intellectual property rights which evolve from any collaboration. That needs to be clarified from the outset so that co-workers don’t runaway with your great ideas.

JaDeL Rocks
1 year ago

Thank you ♥️ I’m trying.

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