Top Shops of 2022

top shops of 2022

There were so many amazing shops that launched in 2022! It’s impossible to name them all. That’s why we collected a few of our favorites!

We love seeing the different niches and how people express their passions with merch. The more creative the better. Animal shops dominated, as did TikTokers, podcasters, and other creators.

We want to feature your shop! Make sure to post about your merch on socials and tag Spreadshop to be featured on our many channels. Merch inspo incoming!

melon and finn

Melon and Finn

Melon be smellin’ and Finn’ be sniffin’! After all, they’re two adorable cats with sensitive snoots. They’ve gone viral on TikTok with their reaction to different foods, 180 at this point.

Their merch shop has also been a major success! Melon and Finn have a bunch of designs that feature their likenesses, even some good gag reaction graphics. They’re definitely have a niche area of interest, but they’ve managed to tap into their audience with some cuteness and crude humor.

soso swag

Soso Swag

TikTok creator Sophia, soso_swag, has found a dedicated following on the platform thanks to her hilarious content. She posts fun commentary videos about what it’s like to be a lesbian in the dating world. We can definitely see her becoming a stand up comedian in the future.

Sophia has formed her own little community with this niche and her merch helps deepen the bond with her followers. Spreadshop has helped empower Sophia as a creator and given her the opportunity to build her brand. Her pride-themed designs are quirky and unique. Check out her shop!

junkyard fox

Junkyard Fox

This is a shop for outdoor lovers and adventurers. Junkyard Fox is primarily a YouTube channel that teaches viewers wilderness survival skills and hunting and gathering techniques. Whether you’re an expert explorer or eager beginner, there’s something for you.

Their merch also pulls double-duty as perfect camping essentials. Camper mugs, bandanas, and totes are all multi-purpose items that can be useful when you’re out in the elements.

lucy lumen

Lucy Lumen

Lucy is a photographer and content creator that shares her analog adventures up and down the Gold Coast. She documents this on YouTube while also giving tips and tricks to fellow photographers.

We love how she has a cohesive style across her channels and her merch is an extension of that. It’s important to be as distinct as possible with your branding, like picking specific colors and using a graphic style that’s instantly recognizable. Lucy’s shop does that perfectly.

nikki connected

Nikki Connected

It’s never too late to make merch! Nikki has been in the content game for 7 years (!) and she launched her first merch line earlier this year. She’s a finance blogger that helps people make money online. Nikki helps viewers budget their money and gives tips on how they can build their wealth. That’s much needed info right now!

Her merch is designed with girl bosses and hustlers in mind. She took great photos of herself rocking that designs that she blasted out on socials. That’s a fun and easy way to promote your merch shop.

Want to be a top shop in 2023? Launch your own merch today!

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