2022 Spreadshop Year in Review

2022 wrap up

2022 in review saw many big things happen here at Spreadshop. We had the opportunity to attend VidSummit, and connect with our creator advisory board and giveaway winners. We collaborated with more creators and announced new integrations that made it easier for people to make money selling merch.

At the start of year, we were looking forward to all of the possibilities ahead – which is what makes this year end review so exciting! We are thrilled to be able to look back on all that we’ve accomplished and the impact we’ve had on creators.

So what did 2022 hold for Spreadshop? Let’s take a look!

nil 2022

Athletes Making a Difference

For years, college athletes couldn’t accept partnerships or make money off their name due to NIL (name, image, likeness) legislation. We were one of the first print on demand merch providers to partner with college athletes once they were able to monetize their brand. This opportunity has inspired a lot of athletes to give back, like Amari Carter.

Amari – safety for the Miami Hurricanes – is creating change with his nonprofit, Survive Foundation, which provides food and resources to underserved, homeless communities. His merch has allowed him to raise money, and it’s also been a great way for him to promote his message.

2022 flobots

Exclusive Merch Partnerships

Spreadshop partnered with experimental rap/rock band Flobots for exclusive merch drops on their tour last spring! Limited merch releases took place throughout their run of tour dates in the US. We’ve been a big fan of them for years, so it was exciting to help them with this exclusive merch.

Buying band merch online is a great option for people who can’t make it to a live show and still want to support their favorite artists. That’s why it’s so important that all bands (big or small) have accessible merch for their fans!

2022 clamour summit

Clamour Creator Summit

We flew out to Arizona in May to attend the Clamour Creator Summit. We connected with some of our favorite content creators, like Mixed Tarxan and Rachel Pizzolato. It’s the only conference designed exclusively for online video creators.

Spreadshop was able to reach a new generation of creators that want to monetize their brand and connect with their fans.

2022 workshop

Workshop with Modern Millie

At Spreadshop, we believe creators are more than just a “commodity” or a buzzword to be exploited. In the age of the “creator economy”, there’s more pressure than ever to produce and feed the “content machine”. That pressure also with comes anxiety, creative depression, and burnout.

That’s why we partnered with Modern Millie for a workshop about how to find your content compass. Once completing this workshop you’ll be able to:

– Establish and stay on track with hitting your ultimate goals/dreams.

– Stay true to YOU as you grow as a creator.

– Maintain healthy boundaries to prevent burnout.

– Stay on track with your content without added stress. 

The workshop is completely FREE to watch, and best of all, you can work at your own pace!

product shelf

More People Can Make Money on YouTube!

This year, YouTube announced they were adjusting the requirements for their product shelf, making it easier for more people to monetize their channels.

YouTube Shopping now allows eligible creators (with at least 1,000 subscribers) to showcase their products and official branded merchandise directly on Your audience might not follow you on every platform, so having merch accessible on your channel makes it easy to monetize your content. Stop stressing about AdSense and sell your products on YouTube!

Win a trip to VidSummit

VidSummit Trip and Giveaway

Spreadshop was able to send 3 lucky creators to VidSummit with an exclusive giveaway! The contest required participants to record a YouTube video answering questions about their passions and what they envision for their channel.

A wide range of creators responded to the video challenge. Their Youtube channels cover an awesome range of topics. Van travel, cryptocurrency, original music, fishing, social commentary, comedy, and history creators entered. Each one shows great potential and we know that they all have the ability to grow their channels and succeed as content creators.

Grand Prize Winner: Fishboss (RJ Macalanda)

Runner-ups: Vanderwoman (Christina Doppler) and The Banks Sisters (Keisha and Courtney Banks)

advisory board

Creator Advisory Board

We announced the formation of the first ever Spreadshop Creator Advisory Board. This is a huge step in our journey of empowering creators. Bringing top notch creators into our internal conversations will keep creators at the forefront of the Spreadshop decision making process.

Since the beginning in 2002, creators, influencers and entrepreneurs have partnered with the Spread Group family of brands. Promoting made to order merchandise helps creators diversify revenue streams and grow their brands. Putting out merchandise boosts your bottom line and helps deepen connections with your followers.

Learn more about the 12 creators!

creator success story

Spreadshop in Print!

Roberto Blake is one of the leading creators in the creator economy that’s helping motivate other creators to succeed and find ways to monetize their content. And he just published a book all about it!

In his new book, Create Something Awesome, Roberto explores the opportunities available for creators in the creator economy. He provides insights on how to unlock these opportunities and grow a successful channel as a full-time creator.

Roberto has helped hundreds of channels grow from zero to 100,000 subscribers and knows what it takes to succeed in the content game. In his book, he covers topics such as understanding the “creator mindset”, setting goals, and monetizing your channel. Spreadshop is proud to receive a shout out from Roberto in the book!

If you’re looking to get started in the creator economy or want to take your channel to the next level, Create Something Awesome is a must-read. Order your copy today!

Make and sell your own merch for FREE! Who knows, you might end up in our 2023 year in review.

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7 days ago

what a year for Spreadshop! Reading about all the awesome stuff you guys accomplished in 2022 is seriously inspiring. From new features to record-breaking sales, you’re clearly killing it! I’m so stoked to see what you guys do in 2023. Keep up the amazing work! Papa’s games

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