Monetize Your YouTube Channel

sell products on youtube

Monetizing your YouTube channel just got a whole lot easier.

You don’t need to be a big creator with thousands of subscribers anymore.YouTube Shopping now allows eligible creators (with at least 1,000 subscribers) to showcase their products and official branded merchandise directly on YouTube. Your audience might not follow you on every platform, so having merch accessible on your channel makes it easy to monetize your content. Stop stressing about AdSense and sell your products on YouTube!

Where You Can Feature Products:

  • Your channel’s store
  • End screens
  • Product section below your videos and live streams
  • As a pinned product in live streams

But first you’ve got to connect your Spreadshop to your YouTube channel! To do that, head to your YouTube Studio, toggle to the monetization tab, then select merchandise! You can connect your shop to Youtube and personalize how you want your shop to look and how your followers can access it.

Product Shelf

Your Product Shelf gives your merch more visibility and is a fun way to monetize your content. Having a link to your shop in your bio is fine, but the Product Shelf allows you to showcase your products in style below your videos. And it’s fully customizable! Feature up to 30 products and automate them to be displayed by factors like price, popularity, and availability.

Use End Sceens

You’ve probably seen your favorite YouTubers use end screens in the last seconds of their videos. It’s an efficient way to promote anything you’ve got going on, and that includes merch! Here’s how to monetize it for your channel:

  1. In the left menu, select Content.
  2. Find the video where you want to add merch to an end screen
  3. Click Editor.
  4. Add the products you’d like to promote.
  5. Place the end screen at your preferred time and place.

Add Links

Add a link to your YouTube channel store in your video descriptions. When viewers click the link, they’ll get a preview of the items in your store – without interrupting their watching experience. Once viewers are ready to buy, they can click again to go to your store and complete their purchase!

You’re now ready to start monetizing your YouTube channel!

Still need merch? Open your own Spreadshop today. It’s FREE!

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