VidSummit and Empowering Creators

vidsummit and the power of creators

The 9th annual VidSummit officially kicks off today! The conference is a place where top content creators, influencers, and agencies met to share their knowledge and grow their brands. And merch is a big part of that. That’s why Spreadshop is proud to be the official merchandise sponsor for VidSummit!

Helping Creators Grow

VidSummit is a conference that empowers creators of all different niches and audiences with the tools they need to be successful on YouTube and beyond. You learn how to connect and grow with your audience and the best ways to monetize your brand. The best part: interacting with other creators! Nothing beats the creator connection.

It’s important to seek out all these resources so you can better your channel and make a few friends in the process. VidSummit is a great place to start!

What We’ll Be Doing at VidSummit

vidsummit conference

Beyond being the official merchandise sponsor, we’ll also be having sharing our own secrets to success. Our own in-house creator, D.J. Coffman, will be at VidSummit to talk about the top mistakes creators make with their merch. Having a ton of followers doesn’t mean you’ll sell a ton of merch. Learn the best strategies to market your brand and connect with your audience!

And top creator Roberto Blake will be there! He just wrote a book about how creators like YOU can profit from your passion in the creator economy. So there’s gonna be plenty of information and insight that you don’t want to miss! Tune in September 29th, 2022. 10:50am PST.

Monetize Your YouTube Channel

You don’t need to be a big creator with thousands of subscribers anymore.YouTube Shopping now allows eligible creators (with at least 1,000 subscribers) to showcase their products and official branded merchandise directly on YouTube. Your audience might not follow you on every platform, so having merch accessible on your channel makes it easy to monetize your content!

Learn more about how to monetize your YouTube channel here.

If you can’t make it to VidSummit, consider purchasing a replay of the event so you don’t miss out on all these top tips. And there’s always selling your own merch!

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rooftop snipers
10 months ago

I also often watch VidSubmit activities to learn from the creators. They are really talented.

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