Introducing the Spreadshop Creator Advisory Board

Spreadshop Creator Board

Announcing the formation of the first ever Spreadshop Creator Advisory Board. This is a huge step in our journey of empowering creators. Bringing top notch creators into our internal conversations will keep creators at the forefront of the Spreadshop decision making process.

Since the beginning in 2002, creators, influencers and entrepreneurs have partnered with the Spread Group family of brands. Promoting made to order merchandise helps creators diversify revenue streams and grow their brands. Putting out merchandise boosts your bottom line and helps deepen connections with your followers.

Perfecting the best merchandise platform for creators of all kinds has always been our goal.

In 2020 we became an official YouTube partner, allowing shop owners to connect their shop to the Youtube merch shelf, store tab, and more. And last year we took another step forward announcing the Spreadshop Brand Ambassador Program. Brand Ambassadors not only educate creators about how to use the platform, but also create content and workshops designed to help creators live a more sustainable creative life.

Our staff is beyond excited to add the Creator Advisory Board to our existing Brand Ambassador program. We’ve already seen so much success working with a few of these pros. We help smaller creators grow their channels or brands and monetize. Being able to scale that program with a wider variety of experts will be awesome. Our goal is to help even more creators in the future. We will shape the new creator economy.

Creators Lead the Way

Spreadshop’s Creator Advisory Board meets regularly to give feedback, discuss the creator economy, and demo upcoming platform features. One of the first topics of discussion will be new print on demand products. Our main focus will be on more sustainable clothing for all.

Millie Adrian of It’s Modern Millie and a founding member of the creator board says,

“It’s one thing to work with a brand on a one-off collaboration, it’s another to partner with a company that truly sees your value, and that you believe in. Together we can create a more significant impact. I love working with Spreadshop as a Brand Ambassador and am beyond thrilled to become a founding member of the Creator Advisory board. It’s exciting to see a company not only invest in their creators but create a space where they can hear direct feedback, thoughts, and opinions, to help guide their projects with a Creator perspective in mind. I hope other brands see these strides Spreadshop is making, and are inspired to take similar action.”

Meet Our Creator Board at VidSummit 2022

Our Creator Board at VidSummit 2022

Many members our Creator Advisory Board will be on the ground and speaking from the stage at the 9th annual VidSummit September 27th-30th in Los Angeles. Spreadshop is the official merchandise sponsor for this event that brings the world’s top creators together to learn from each other.

Spreadshop welcomes the following members to our Creator Advisory Board:

Millie Adrian – Online Educator and YouTuber of It’s Modern Millie,  who teaches aspiring Influencers how to turn their personal brand into a full-time business.

Daniel Batal– Content Creator & Professional Channel Consultant.

Roberto Blake – Creative Entrepreneur and Founder of Awesome Creator Academy.

Saul Colt – Creative Genius behind The Idea Integration Co., an award-winning boutique marketing and advertising agency made up of professionally creative and funny people.

Andrew Kan – Award winning Documentary Film Director. Skilled in Storytelling, YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Camera Operation, and all things film-making.

Desiree Martinez – Founder of Women of Video, YouTuber, Podcaster, Author, Award-Winning Social Media Creative Content Creator.

Jessica McCabe – American Actress, Writer, and Producer of How to ADHD on YouTube.

Nick Nimmin – YouTube Content Creator and Educator dedicated to helping other content creators

Tom Phan – Content Creator of Clueless Bushcraft on TikTok and Youtube.

Jim Rugg – is an Eisner and Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist, designer, and YouTuber. His comics have been published by Marvel, DC, Image Comics, AdHouse Books, New York magazine, Dark Horse Comics, Titan Books, and Fantagraphics.

Renee Teeley – Creator Economy Executive with over 15 years of experience helping creators, brands, and enterprise companies grow their communities and build their businesses using video.

Creators! We want to hear from you!

If you’re interesting in learning more about how you can work with our Creator Board to help shape the future of creator commerce, drop a line.

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Jahan zaib
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