5 Ways to Refuel During the Work Day

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It’s important to refuel during the work day, no matter how busy you are. Your mental health and overall productivity will benefit from you taking some time to yourself. Go for a walk, eat a healthy snack, take a break to do one of your favorite hobbies. Refueling will help you stay focused and productive throughout the work day!

Here are 5 tips for you:

snack time

Snack Time

You can’t do your best work on an empty stomach. When you don’t have time for a proper meal, snacks are a great way to get your energy up. But they have to be the right ones. Ditch the greasy potato chips in favor of healthy, protein-packed options. Almonds are a great source of nutrition. Eat them by the handful or find them in a variety of protein bars. A good old apple is another great snack; we prefer ours smothered in peanut butter, even if that might not be the healthiest. Yogurt is another go-to option. Grab one with blueberries for an extra boost.

So next time you need a snack break, refuel with something healthy and delicious. Your body and mind will thank you.

take a break

Brighten Your Day

A 15-minute break might not seem like it’s worth it, but there are plenty of benefits. When you’re feeling run down, it’s important to take a break. Refuel yourself so you can continue working at your best. It’s also a great way for you to spend some time each day on your hobbies and the things that make you happy.

Try to resist the temptation of doom-scrolling your social media feeds and do something that will give you value. Read a chapter of a book you’re currently reading. Work on crocheting or some kind of art project. Adult coloring books are always a fun thing to do. This will heighten your work day and make it all the more enjoyable.

take a break

Catch Some Z’s

You’ve likely heard of the power nap before. While napping at work isn’t for everybody, it has many benefits for your overall health and wellbeing. Napping too long can make you feel sluggish and groggy, 15 minutes seems to be just the right amount of time. Napping after lunch is a great time and takes advantage of your body’s natural sleep/wake cycle.

Taking a nap will not only make you more focused, but it will also reduce your overall stress. Your motor skills will be more sharpened and you’ll develop that extra stamina to finish the day out strong. So next time you’re feeling tired at work, don’t reach for another coffee. Take a nap instead!

make lists

Jot Down Your Thoughts

Making lists throughout the day is a great way for you to see the progress you’re making. It may seem like a tedious thing, but it can help you stay on track, especially when you have so much to do. Use different colored markers or stickers to make your lists more approachable and so you’re eager to finish them. It always feels good to check things off!

Making a to-do list is easy, and a big time saver. You’ll know what needs the most of your attention and won’t waste time spent on unnecessary tasks. Check out more time-saving tips on our blog!

gratitude journaling

Show Your Gratitude By Journaling

Noting what each of us is grateful for is usually overlooked due to hectic work and family schedules, activities, stress, not living in the moment, etc. If asked, most of us probably couldn’t say what we’re grateful for in a typical day. Think about it. Could you easily remember small moments from the day that brought you the most joy? Reflecting on what you’re grateful for can lead to a happier, more content life and make your work days even more productive. All it takes is a few moments before bed each night, and a gratitude journal to record your thoughts.

A gratitude journal is not a diary, let’s start there. It’s not a collection of random thoughts about your day. It’s literally things you are grateful for in a day. Things that brought you joy – big or small. And everyone’s journal will be different! The most important part of this is being present and focusing on what brought you joy.

We hope you feel more confident to take on the workday with these 5 tips! When the work day is done, it’s time to focus on your passions. Maybe that’s building your brand, making video content, and connecting with your audience. You’re gonna need merch for that.

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Kerry Smith
Kerry Smith
1 month ago

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10 months ago

Have a good day!

Pankaj Choudhary
1 year ago


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