5 Time Management Tips

time management tips

Time management is a necessary skill when you’re a creator, small business owner, or someone who works from home. You’ve got a lot of tasks that need to be completed, and it’s easy to get distracted.

We have 5 time management tips to help you get the most out of your work day!

to do list

Make a To-Do List

We love making lists (you might call it a problem). It’s a simple way for you to organize your thoughts and prepare you for what the day has in store. We like to keep it old-fashioned with pen and paper, but there are plenty of online platforms you can use, like ClickUp.

It’s best to write up this list the night before, so you can wake up ready for the day the next morning. This means you won’t be overwhelmed by everything you have to do tomorrow while you’re trying to sleep. Making a to-do list is easy, and a big time saver. You’ll know what needs the most of your attention and won’t waste time spent on unnecessary tasks.

prioritize your tasks

Prioritize the Big Things

Prioritization is key for successful time management. Eliminate tasks on your to-do list that might not be as important. You don’t want to spend time doing busy work instead of actual work. Rank things by their level of priority.

If you’re having trouble determining what’s most important, ask yourself what’s going to benefit your brand? Whether that’s just for today or for the long term, that’s the key to success. You already have all the tools needed to build a brand.

find structure

Find Balance

It’s important to have structure in your life. Being a creator, it’s likely that no day is the same. But you have to have some kind of balance between work and play. Develop a morning routine to kick off your day. Whether that’s having a fresh cup of coffee, or getting in a brief workout, having an everyday morning routine will give you a sense of structure.

Make sure that you take breaks throughout the day to recharge. After you finish a task, reward yourself by grabbing a snack or going for a walk outside. Studies have shown that fresh air increases your productivity and boosts your mood. Before you go to bed, avoid stimulating activities like playing video games or doom scrolling socials. Consider journaling, reading, or another relaxing hobby.

avoid distractions

Manage Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted. It doesn’t help when you can access your phone anytime while working from home. You can Google random things and check Instagram whenever you want. To avoid these distractions, leave your phone in another room or lock it. Forest is a cute app you can download to help you stay focused. You set a timer and a digital plant grows inside your phone. If you try to open any apps, it will send you a notification reminding you that your plant will die if you go any further.

Make sure that you’re working in a quiet, calm space. Shoo away unwanted family members and friends. Find what makes you get the most done. Could be listening to a curated playlist or podcast. You know what’s going to help you manage your time the best.

spark joy

Have Your Own Workspace

Having your own space is so important for your productivity. Working from your couch or your bed can be a hindrance and not put you in the right mindset. If you’re able, set up a dedicated space that’s just for work. Could just be a desk or even your own home office.

Design your space to inspire creativity. We followed Marie Kondo’s advice and put little things that spark joy around our workspace. It motivates us to go to work everyday and we feel safe and comforted by the things we love.

Time management isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. But with these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating more, doing better work, and growing your brand each day!

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shell shockers
1 year ago

I think making a I-do list is an effective way because I apply it on my job, and it works well to manage time.

ketty peri
ketty peri
1 month ago
Reply to  shell shockers

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1 year ago

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