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Whether you’ve had a Spreadshop for 6 months or 6 days, there are some shop features that you should be taking advantage of! These features allow you to get the most out of your merch.

Did you know you can run multiple shops (up to 10!) with just one account? Upload designs, manage your shop, and collect payments from the same place. With our automated product creation, you can see what your designs look like on your merch before it goes live. Sizing and placement is completely up to you.

Spreadshop is a customizable platform, which means you can express your personality and let your merch be an extension of that with different themes and product display options. Learn more about these unique shop features!

customize your layout

Personalize Your Shop

You might want to consider adjusting the theme of your shop. This can really change the overall vibe of your site. Dedicate your start page to promoting your products, or create your own banner to grab attention. Maybe feature a newly launched design here; even design a logo for your shop. This will help solidify your brand.

You can make changes to your shop layout at any time. Consider revamping your shop depending on the season. Put seasonal products like hoodies, mugs, and more up front. Update the About Me page on your site to house the most up-to-date information regarding your merch or other content endeavors.

It’s easy to link to your socials with your Spreadshop. We have icons for different platforms – Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, etc. – that can live at the top and bottom of your start page. This makes it easy for people to find you and hear shop news first.

product creation

Easily Create Your Merch

Knowing what your designs are going to look like on different products is key to creating a merch line you’re proud of. Our product creation automatically gives you product options when you upload a design. Limit it to standard options like T-shirts and hoodies, or pick from products you might not have considered, like buttons and magnets. Pro Tip: Don’t overwhelm costumers by offering everything in our merch assortment. Pick what works best for your audience!

With the automatic product creation, you can also adjust the placement and size of your designs, too. Certain designs might look better as graphics on the front of a T-shirt or as smaller designs in the corner of a hoodie, for example. This can also help you determine if your designs are print-ready. Catch mistakes you might not have noticed beforehand and see what colors will work with the options of our apparel line.

multiple shops

Run Up to 10 Merch Lines

You’re not limited to just one shop. You can actually house up to 10 shops all under the same Spreadshop account. This is ideal for people with different hobbies, business ventures, or organizations they might be involved with. Having these shops under one account makes it easy to track your earnings and access the backend of all your shops. You don’t need multiple usernames and passwords – it’s that simple!

Even if you don’t feel like this feature is beneficial to you right now, it’s great to have the option. Maybe down the line you’ll want to make apparel for a new hobby of yours. Or use merch to raise money for a fundraiser for your church. This way, you won’t have to create a whole new account.

exclusive promos

Plenty of Promos

Every month, Spreadshop has promotional offers that shop owners can blast out to their followers. These promos range from 20% off to free shipping on all orders. When you use them the right way, they can keep old and potential customers interested in your shop.

We regularly make promo graphics that shop owners can share. You can find them in the Shop Promotions page of our community. We make sure to offer them in different sizes so you can get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re true to the message of your merch, it won’t feel like you’re being sales pitchy with these promos. Use them to your advantage when you’re launching a new design or exclusive merch. This is an extra incentive to get people to buy your merch.

Don’t have a Spreadshop yet? Launch your own custom merch line for FREE!

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Tracy Berge
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T. Tanielu
T. Tanielu
1 year ago

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