Build Your Brand for FREE

build your brand for free

You can launch a full-blown brand for FREE. No, really!

Merch allows you to take your brand to the next level at no extra cost. Spreadshop is a print on demand merch platform that is free and easy to use. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to launch your own brand. Spreadshop gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

See how merch can help you launch your brand!

brand colors

Pick Your Colors

Colors are a great way to define your brand. If you have a distinct color palette, it makes it easier for people to identify you. Merch is a crucial part of this. Spreadshop has an array of color options for t-shirts, hoodies, and much more. And you can toggle off colors that don’t suit the style of your brand.

You also want to make sure this is carried through with your designs. Design tools like Canva allow you to upload your own color palette. You can easily create text and graphics that match the aesthetic of your brand on your own. Make sure you use these brand colors in the theme of your website. This makes for a more immersive experience for visitors of your shop.

design your brand

Design Time!

Once you have your brand colors, and can have fun making merch designs for all kinds of products. Merch is more than just t-shirts, you know. Think about what designs would work best on tote bags or as stickers. Depending on the niche of your brand, you want to give your customers options that work for them and their lives.

Ask your followers or close friends for input on design ideas. They know you best and might have suggestions you wouldn’t have even thought of. That could be turning one of your catchphrases or a quirk you have into a design. You need to think outside of the box if you want your merch to stand out from the crowd. This is going to make your brand unbeatable.

market your brand

Market Your Merch

Now that you’ve taken the time to build out your merch, it’s time to promote your brand! Let followers know that they can now support you by buying your merch line. Even though it might not seem like a big deal, it is! You took the steps to build your brand and launch your own custom merch. You better put some marketing force behind it.

Have continuity with your shop and socials through brand colors and continuing that aesthetic. Make short videos, do sneak peaks of designs, and have an official photoshoot for your merch. Building a brand is easy when you use Spreadshop!

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Albert may
15 days ago

Wallara Intake Meeting

15 days ago

What do I do from here. I have a few social platforms. I’ve already created the shirts here. So after they’re created here what is my next step to selling them online?

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