How to Make Money as a Digital Artist

make money as a digital artist

We know how tough it can be to make money as a digital artist. You can create amazing, quality work day and night, but how do you monetize it?

You need to know who you’re trying to reach with your art. This will make it easier to market yourself and make money in the long run. Build out your socials, offer paid workshops, and even sell your art on custom apparel.

See how you can start to make money as a digital artist!

commission your work

Personalized Work

One of the best ways to make money from your art is to take commissions. If people love your design style, this is a great opportunity for you to work with them and create something custom. Offer different price points based on design time and consultation services. You set your rate!

Promote this service on your socials and have a link on the homepage of your website so people know this is an option for them. If you don’t have the following or resources to take commissions on your own, use a design service like Fiverr. They have thousands of digital artists offering their services for paid work. Use your design style and niche to your advantage when building your profile!

build a following

Get Followers

It’s obviously important to have a presence on socials. But it can be difficult to build up a following. Don’t try to do what everyone else is doing; be true to your own voice. That’s what will really help you grow.

Make sure your socials reflect your personality and showcase what your art is all about. Take people behind the scenes. Show your process of making a piece of art from beginning to end. People love this kind of content and it will help expose you to a whole new audience. It’s important to stay active on these platforms and create conversations that will generate engagement, and in turn, sales.


Paid Courses

If you’re comfortable with being on camera or doing video montages of your work, this can be a lucrative opportunity for you. Workshops are a great way to showcase your art while teaching other aspiring artists the skills they need to succeed.

These workshops don’t have to be overblown or complicated. You make them what you want them to be. If you have an art community in your town, consider doing this as an in-person at a local library or school. This is a great way to not only flex your schools as an artist, but as a working professional. And it looks great on a resume or website, too.

make merch

Put Your Art on Apparel

Sell your personal artwork on custom apparel! Print on demand merch services like Spreadshop make it easy for you to upload your art to hundreds of merch products and start selling. You can also customize the look and feel of your site to make it an experience for visitors.

And since it’s print on demand, you won’t need to have boxes of T-shirts sitting in your garage. We take care of the entire production and shipping process for you. You just need to promote your merch on socials, a weekly newsletter, where you can! When you launch your merch with Spreadshop, your customers can get 15 percent off orders for a limited time. So use that to your advantage!

Make and sell your own merch with Spreadshop. It’s FREE!

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I need to do this, knowing I have inspiring Art to share.

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