Spreadshop 101: What to Know Before You Create Your Own Merch

how to make a merch line

Ready to create your own merch? It’s FREE and easy when you use a print on demand service, like Spreadshop.

But there are some things you should know beforehand.

Uploading designs, customizing your shop and promoting your merch are key to making sales. That’s why we broke down these tips and more for the top 6 things you should know before launching your merch.

It’s Spreadshop 101!

merch design size

Uploading Designs

One of the most common questions among shop owners: What size should I upload my designs?

The resolution of your designs should be at least 1000 pixels on the shorter side, or min. 4000 pixels on the longer side. 

You can upload PNG or JPG formats, but we recommend saving your designs as a PNG with a transparent background. This makes your designs stand out on your merch!

Once you’ve uploaded your designs, you can alter the sizing and placement on your products. Switch things up with more creative placement, like on the back of tees and hoodies when creating your merch.

promo offer

Plenty of Promos

Every month, Spreadshop has exclusive promotional offers that shop owners can blast out to their followers. When you first launch your shop, you get a 15 percent off promo to help drive merch sales. Other promos range from 20% off to FREE shipping on all orders.

These promos are a great incentive for your audience and can drive traffic to your shop. You’ll find upcoming promos posted in your shop dashboard.

Use these promos to help plan upcoming merch drops. Let your followers know ahead of time on your socials. This way, you can make the most of your promos.

customize your shop

Style Up Your Shop

Adjusting the theme of your shop can change the whole vibe of your merch. Using our different themes, you can dedicate your start page to promoting your products, or create your own banner to grab attention. 

Feature newly launched designs, or create a logo for your shop to solidify your brand. We love what Cartoonist Kayfabe did with their Spreadshop. They incorporated their brand colors and added an eye-catching banner that matches their aesthetic. Creating your own merch is now a full-blown experience.

How can you customize your shop? That’s totally up to you!

make custom merch

Huge Product Assortment

We have over 300 products available in our assortment, which means you can create your own merch on using whatever items you chose! Pick what products suit your niche and curate your shop. 

We have the classics, like tees and hoodies, and trendier items, like bucket hats, fanny packs and sweat sets. Put new products or styles that match the season up front and center in your shop. That way, people won’t have to go looking for those go-to items.

run a merch shop

Host Multiple Spreadshops

DID YOU KNOW: You can have more than one Spreadshop? You can actually run up to 10 shops all under the same Spreadshop account. This is ideal for people with different hobbies, business ventures, or organizations they might be involved with. 

Having these shops under one account makes it easy to track your earnings and access the backend of all your shops. You don’t need multiple usernames and passwords – it’s that simple!

Even if you don’t need more than one shop right now, it’s great to have the option. Maybe down the line you’ll want to make apparel for a new hobby of yours. Or use merch to raise money for a fundraiser for your church. This way, you won’t have to create a separate account.

Ready to launch your own custom merch shop? Do it TODAY with Spreadshop!

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3 months ago

Thank you for your efforts in creating a space where everyone feels heard and respected. Solar

1 year ago

I’m in New Zealand. Doesn’t seem to be letting me add my NZ bank account details. Do you have to use PayPal for outside of the US?

1 year ago

thank you for your advices

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