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sell t-shirts online

Sell T-Shirts online at NO COST to you. Spreadshop makes it easy to upload T-Shirt designs and manage your payments.

And you can do so with zero inventory. You don’t have to worry about prints and shipping orders – that’s on us! All you need to do is upload some awesome designs and start selling.

Learn more about uploading designs, promoting your shop and making money from sales below…

t-shirt designs

Uploading T-Shirt Designs

Quality designs are key to selling T-Shirts online. Consumers have thousands upon thousands of options, and your designs need to standout in a crowded market.

If you don’t have any design experience, we recommend using a FREE tool, like Canva. They have hundreds of graphics and text options to play with. And you can easily size your designs, which is incredibly important.

The resolution of your T-Shirt designs should be at least 1000 pixels by 4000 pixels. You can upload PNG or JPG formats, but we recommend saving your designs as a PNG with a transparent background. This will make your designs stand out on your T-Shirts!

You’ll sell more T-Shirts online when you focus on making quality designs that are suited to your target audience.

promote your t-shirts

Promote Your T-Shirts on Socials

How you promote your T-Shirts online will directly impact your sales. You need to find a way to make your T-Shirts appeal to your audience.

Don’t just post stock images or screenshots from your Spreadshop. We recommend using real people to showcase your products. Ask family and friends to model T-Shirts for you. It doesn’t hurt to offer FREE pizza in exchange for their services. It’s a win-win!

If you want to drum up even more interest, run a giveaway across your socials. This generates engagement AND excitement in your T-Shirts. You’ll sell more T-Shirts online when you get your audience involved.

print on demand merch

We’ve Got You Covered

You don’t have to worry about storing boxes of T-Shirts in your basement when you use Spreadshop. We house T-Shirts and hundreds of other products in production facilities across the globe. When an order for a T-Shirt comes in, we get to printing it and ship it out for you!

We’re a print on-demand merch service, which means we print when there’s a demand for your product. So you don’t have to worry about excess waste.

You don’t have the headaches of shipping orders and dealing with customer service issues, either. Selling T-Shirts online is streamlined with Spreadshop. And so is the payment process.

make money with merch

Getting Paid

With Spreadshop, you have flexibility when it comes to pricing and payouts.

Each product, not just T-Shirts, has a base price. Anything you set beyond that goes straight into your pocket! You don’t want to go crazy when it comes to pricing, though. 20 to 25 dollars is the standard price for a T-Shirt.

Depending on how much you sell, you’ll get paid each month. We offer two different payment options: direct deposit to a US Bank account or a PayPal transfer. You can access this in your shop dashboard.

Selling T-Shirts online with Spreadshop is not only easy, but fun. You have the freedom to connect with your audience and share your passion.

Don’t forget – IT’S FREE! Start selling your own custom T-Shirts and more today!

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