Merch Designs That Will Sell

make merch designs

Having trouble making your merch designs? We get it. Designing merch isn’t as easy as it looks.

But you don’t need to be a professional designer to make quality merch! The main thing you need to think about when making merch designs: Your audience. That is, if you want to make money.

Check out some trending merch designs from successful shop owners for inspo…

make a statement

Just Text

When in doubt, just use text! This simple, statement-making merch design works for all kinds of shops.

This is a great design tool for advocacy groups and nonprofits to get their message across. Or to use humor to speak to your niche with a phrase like: Sorry I have PLANTS this weekend. You can really with your merch this way.

Aside from being simple, this merch design is a guaranteed conversation starter.

cute designs

Keep it Cutesy

You can’t go wrong with fun text and cure accents like sparkles, hearts, and stars in your merch designs. These small changes can really elevate an otherwise simple design. Make your merch look more “aesthetic” and appealing to a new demographic.

Your whole shop doesn’t need to have designs like this, though. It’s about having options! But having an aesthetic is a big draw for customers, like Sad Girls Club, who have carefully curated their merch offerings. Their designs all fit into the same soft, girly aesthetic, which makes sense for them.

know your audience

Use Humor

People love quirky things. Mom and dad jokes have become the topic of trending memes and are more topical than ever. Just check out Middle Class Fancy on Instagram.

Think about how you can use puns and phrasing to your advantage with your merch. What’s funny about your passion or field? What would resonate with those that can relate?

Face Off Fifty Plus has found their niche and run with it. They’ve found a way to make funny designs that speak to their demographic of people age 50 and over. It might not be funny to people not in that group, but it doesn’t matter. You need to figure out how to make designs that appeal to your audience at the end of the day.

Don’t waste time creating a bunch of random merch designs. The more specific, the better. We hope these shop owner designs inspired you when it comes to creating designs for your merch line.

Use Spreadshop to make money from your custom merch designs at NO COST!

  • It’s always FREE. You don’t have to pay a website developer to run your merch site.
  • Spreadshop is a print-on-demand merch site. Your merch is only printed when it’s ordered. You don’t have to store any inventory!
  • Upload as many designs as you want. Feel free to experiment with as many design options as you want.
  • Make a profit from EVERY SALE! We have a base price for every product, and anything you set beyond that goes directly to you.

Start selling your merch TODAY with Spreadshop.

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3 months ago

I used to make shirts with print and it worked really well for students!
3 months ago

These are some interesting designs. Thank you for sharing!

Trash Duck
5 months ago

💀 🤓

Trash Duck
5 months ago
Masood Ahmed
5 months ago

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