New Year, New Gear: Start Your Merch Empire in 2024

new merch in the new year

A new year means its time for new resolutions, like making your own merch. Merch allows you to profit from your passion – gaming, podcasting, fishing – and make connections that matter. That’s a pretty great way to start 2024.

And the best part: You make money from every item you sell! That’s extra cash in your pocket. Merch is the ultimate side hustle for a reason.

But the merch game can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you make your merch, drive sales, and get your followers involved.

limited merch designs

Exclusive Merch Designs

If you want to drum up serious interest in your merch, you need to roll out limited edition merch designs. It’s a great way to generate FOMO and drive sales. Let your followers know they only have a few days or a week to purchase products with a limited edition design before it’s gone for good.

You can do this periodically throughout the year and even make your designs timely. Create a Valentine’s Day-themed design for February, or promote an annual summer event with exclusive merch. People like when they can get their hands on something that’s limited edition.

Canva is a FREE and easy tool to use for your designs. They have a stock library of hundreds of images and graphics you can use as your designs. If you want to pay a little extra, our team can help. The Spreadshirt Graphics Service helps you bring your vision to life for a flat rate fee of $19.99.

seasonal merch

It’s Cozy Season

While it’s all well and good to have exciting new merch designs, you need to put them on the right products. Make merch with hoodies, cozy pajama sets, classic coffee mugs. Products like water bottles and tote bags should be an after thought.

Your customers might not even realize you sell certain products in your shop. Merch is so much more than T-shirts, and a lot of people don’t realize that. Create marketing materials for your socials that highlight these special products. They might not know what they want until you show them.

special merch promos

Promote Your Merch With Promos

We run exclusive promos every month for our shop owners. These promos give your new merch designs an extra boost when you’re promoting them on your socials. Exclusive deals like free shipping and 25% off are offers make add to cart even easier. Use these promos to start the new year right!

January Promos:

Jan. 3 – 7: 24% Off Everything
Jan. 12 – 16: Free Standard Shipping
Jan. 24 – 28: 20% Off Everything

get audience feedback

Go to the Source

We’ve said it a thousand times, but the best way to know what merch your followers want from you is to just ask them. Be upfront and let them know you need their input on new designs for your shop. Ask them to vote on their favorites in a poll on Instagram, or offer design suggestions in the comment section for your latest YouTube video.

If you want to get your followers more involved, consider running a merch design contest. You can give the winner a small prize like a FREE T-Shirt from your shop. Your followers will be more likely to buy your merch when they see you care about their involvement. You’ll generate interest in your new merch and creating meaningful conversations with your audience.

We hope these tips helped prepare you to make merch in 2024. New year, new gear! Open your free shop and start selling custom merch TODAY.

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