Annual Review 2023

Annual Review 2023

2023 has now come and gone, and what a year it was. A year full of change, growth, and development; and we did it all together. As always, thank you for your trust and continuing on this journey with us.

Feature Highlights of 2023

To start off strong for our 2023 review, we are excited to look back at some of the new features that were introduced to help you and your shop this year.

Launch of SpreadApp Beta & SpreadApp 4.0

After an initial run of SpreadApp Beta, our mobile app got a big upgrade this year. The launch of the new SpreadApp 4.0 made things more convenient by bring the Partner Area directly to the comfort of your phone.

It’s all for You(Tube)

YouTube has made it easier to boost sales for your merchandise directly from your channel. And don’t forget – they’ve moved the merch shelf in the mobile app!

Relearning the Metaverse

The way your Spreadshop was connected to Meta Business Suite went through some changes recently. But don’t worry, it means you now have full control of your account, and we’ve explained it all for you here.

New Year – New Products

We welcomed a variety of new products to our assortment this year to keep you and your customers on trend. Our assortment in Europe grew with 47 new additions and we added 50 new products in North America.

Here are some of the favorites of our Category Manager Marcus.

From the EU assortment: Stanley/Stella have caught Marcus’ eye thanks to their modern cuts and good quality fabrics, as well as their sustainable approach.

From the NA assortment: Marcus especially likes Champion because of their classic style and durable fabrics, and praises Gildan for their sustainability and style.

Bestsellers of the Year

Now let us introduce you to the bestselling products from our assortments this year.

Our bestselling from the EU Assortment:

Our best selling from the NA Assortment:

Marketing Tips & Tricks

Throughout the year we’ve covered a wide range of marketing tips to help you boost awareness for your shop and make a profit in a competitive market.

Marketing for the young generation

We know how dynamic the world of marketing is, especially for 2023 and beyond. To help you navigate this rapid evolution, we’ve detailed the history of Gen Z as well as how to best advertise on TikTok.

Make sure your swag has swag

Elevate and promote your event merch, and create a memory your customer will cherish forever.

Sell with the seasons

Every special occasion brings a new opportunity to market your products. Check out our Christmas Last Minute Gift Guide and our Christmas Bestsellers for inspiration. We also shared tips and tricks on preparing your shop for Halloween, as well as Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Your design, your talent

This year we had our first Spreadshop Design Challenge for our EU designers, with the theme “Retro Design”. We were incredibly impressed with all the submitted designs, as we are sure you will be with our winners. We are already looking forward to our next Design Challenge in 2024!

For extra design inspiration, we put together guides for creating captivating designs, holiday themed designs, and the best design tools.

See you in 2024

It has certainly been an eventful year, and we are very excited for what 2024 will bring. We would love to hear any thoughts or feedback you might have on the past year as a valued Shop owner. We are glad to have you with us!

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