New in: Beary Cuddly Santa Teddies (EU only)

New in: Beary Cuddly Santa Teddies (EU only)

With his button eyes, Santa hat, and cute little T-shirt, the one and only festive teddy bear is here just in time for you to add to your holiday Shop. This cuddly little pal is sure to get plenty of hugs when he’s discovered peeking out of stockings or hiding under the tree.

His little white T-shirt is printable… Do you already have ideas for which of your designs would suit him best?

Product details

  • Plastic button eyes
  • Velvety soft plush fur
  • Santa teddy with white T-shirt and red Santa hat
  • Height sitting: 20 cm (including ears)
  • Weight: 77 g
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Brand: MiniFeet
  • Available colors: Beige (teddy), White (T-shirt), Red/White (Santa hat).

Print & Price

  • T-shirt printing area: 7 cm x 6 cm (width x height, front and back)
  • Print type: Digital Direct (DD), flex and flock printing, pixel and vector graphics possible (at least 4,000 x 4,000 pixels, PNG)
  • Prices vary

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Natural Holiday Stocking: New Product for your Santa’s Spreadshop

Natural Holiday Stocking: New Product for your Santa’s Spreadshop

These stockings are sure to be hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there. Since you and your Shop are giving old St. Nick a hand this year, what better festive item to add to your Shop than a Holiday stocking?

Give your customers visions of sugarplum fairies and prancing reindeer with this clean, modern take on the classic Holiday stocking. The new Natural Holiday Stocking comes in a faux-linen finish and features a thick braided drawstring.

Natural Holiday Stocking (ID 1591)

  • Brand: Spreadshirt
  • Material: 100% SubliLinen Polyester
  • Measurements: 11″ x 16″ (Hand sewn, can vary up to 1.5″)
  • Thick braided red drawstring
  • Imported Product: Printed/Processed in the US

Print Area (width x height)

5.5″ x 9.4″ (14 cm x 24 cm)

Print Types



  • Retail Price: US $17.99 | CA $22.99 | AU $24.99
  • Commission: US $2.50 | CA $3 | AU $3.50

Get festive: Santa hats for everyone

Get festive: Santa hats for everyone

Did Mr. Claus forget his hat again? No worries, your Shop will have him—and everyone else—covered for the Holidays. The Santa hat (ID 108) from Printwear has made its way all the way from the North Pole into our assortment. This oh-so-seasonal item is made of soft fleece and features a cheery bobble. The only thing missing are your Holiday designs.

Our Santa hat is available in classic red and white, just like the big guy’s iconic classic. Which of your designs will bring some extra Holiday cheer to these Holly Jolly hats?

Product details

  • Contrasting white hem and bobble
  • Soft fabric (100 g/m²) made of fleece
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Brand: Printwear
  • Available colors: Red, Black, Evergreen
  • Available sizes: One Size

Print & Price

  • Print area Holiday hat: 23.3 cm x 21 cm (width x height)
  • Print type: Flock and DTF transfer print, pixel and vector graphics possible (recommendation at least 4,000 x 4,000 pixels, PNG)
  • Retail price: 12.99 € / £9.99 GBP

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Grrreat news: Two New Tigers on the Loose! (EU only)

Grrreat news: Two New Tigers on the Loose! (EU only)

Give an uproarious welcome to our new plush tiger and his festive friend, the Holiday tiger. These cuddly pals are the perfect gift for anyone who thinks Teddy is just a bit too tame. Add your cute designs, feature him in your Shop, and you’re sure to melt some customers’ hearts this season. With these cute cuddly pals in your EU-Shop, you’ll feel just like Mr. Claus himself.

Both the Plush and Holiday Tigers come outfitted in their best white T-shirt – the pristine white canvas for your designs. The red Santa hat of the Holiday cat isn’t printable, but it will make Tiger look right at home under the tree this season.

(ID 1581) Plush Tiger / (ID 1582) Holiday Tiger

Product details

  • Plastic button eyes and embroidered paws
  • Very short soft plush
  • Plush tiger with white T-shirt
  • Holiday tiger with white T-shirt and red Santa hat
  • Size: 23 x 13 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 108 g
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Brand: mbw
  • Available colors plush tiger: Tiger stripe, white
  • Available colors Holiday Tiger: Tiger stripe, white, red

Print & Price

  • T-shirt print area: 7,1 cm x 2,7 cm (front)
  • Print type: Digital Direct (DD) and flex print, pixel and vector graphics possible (recommendation at least 4.000 x 4.000 pixel, PNG)
  • Pricing varies for the UK and IE/EU.

Do you have any questions about our new product? Leave a comment below.

Holiday Order Deadlines 2021

Holiday Order Deadlines 2021

Your Holiday shoppers will want to know that their gifts will arrive in time to be wrapped and waiting under the tree or tucked into stockings. Make sure your customers place their orders by the 2021 Holiday order deadlines to ensure delivery in time. If Santa can do it with just a few reindeer and a pinch of magic, then so can you!

Be sure to clearly communicate the deadlines to your customers so they know what to expect. Remind them on social media, too.

Here are the order deadlines for this season.

 Europe Order Deadlines 2021

Country Standard Premium Express
DE 17.12.21 20.12.21
AT 16.12.21 16.12.21 19.12.21
CH 15.12.21 14.12.21 19.12.21
NL 16.21.21 16.12.21 19.12.21
BE 16.21.21 16.12.21 19.12.21
FR 14.12.21 14.12.21 15.12.21
GB 13.12.21 13.12.21 15.12.21
IE 13.12.21 13.12.21 15.12.21
DK 10.12.21 16.12.21 19.12.21
NO 08.12.21 09.12.21 15.12.21
SE 10.12.21 12.12.21 15.12.21
FI 10.12.21 12.12.21 14.12.21
PL 16.12.21 14.12.21 17.12.21
ES 08.12.21 13.12.21 14.12.21
IT 15.12.21 14.12.21 14.12.21
Rest Europe 13.12.21
Outside Europe 04.12.21


United States, Canada & Oceania Order Deadlines 2021 

Country US Standard Int. Standard US Premium Int. Premium Express
US 12/13/21 12/14/21 12/19/21
US – Military APO / FPO 12/5/21
CA 11/26/21 12/12/21 12/12/21
AU* 11/15/21* 12/5/21*
International 11/26/21 12/12/21

*subject to change

We’re doing everything we can to make sure your customers receive their orders by the Holidays. However, order deadlines can change last minute because of longer production times or carrier delays. If this happens, we’ll update the order deadlines and be sure to let you know.

Any questions about order deadlines? Let us know in the forum!


Your Holiday Products for 2021

Your Holiday Products for 2021

Hey Santa, we know what makes people happy! Now is the time to start expanding your Spreadshop Holiday assortment. And here’s what you can do to make this season your hit season:

Xmas bestsellers

Santa knows that your friends, family members, and colleagues like to play it safe for the Holidays. People like buying gifts that have “you can’t go wrong” written all over them. Just think of having to choose the right size! That’s why accessories make great gifts, as they’re very versatile. The following items make sure your customers find what they are looking for:

Caps and hats, bags and backpacks, mugs, aprons, bandanas, pillows, phone cases, stickers and posters.

Christmas sweaters

The classic! Holiday sweaters have turned into a classic gift when adorned with fun designs and text. Just choose the right sweaters for women and men and put your seasonal designs on it.

Unisex apparel

Santa also knows that there are many reasons why unisex products are well received when found under the tree. Leave the choice to your fans and make sure that you offer at least a small selection of them in your assortment.

New in 2021

For the pre-Holiday season, our plush dog wearing a T-shirt presents itself in a festive way. Add the Holiday dog to your assortment for the season now! And of course, there ain’t no Holidays without a bright red Santa hat, so you may want to consider adding the Santa Hat to your assortment as well. What’s more, here you’ll find Holiday stockings to use as a sustainable gift bags for your branding.

Okay, Santa? Are you ready to get your assortment in line with the seasonal spirit?

Click through to Spreadshop

Your Holiday Branding for 2021

Your Holiday Branding for 2021

Holiday bells are ringing! Let your Spreadshop visitors know that the Holidays are just around the corner.

Here’s a quick checklist of where you can easily sprinkle some seasonal spice onto your Spreadshop:

  • Spreadshop
    • Logo
    • Texts
  • Social media channels
    • Logo
    • Profile text

But how do you bring that Holiday feeling? Use Holiday-related symbols! Get inspiration in our design blog post or just go through the following list and see what you like best in our selection:

  • People
    • Santa Claus
    • Elves
    • Baby Jesus
    • Snowman
    • Angel
  • Animals
    • Moose
    • Deer
    • Bears
  • Objects
    • Holiday tree
    • Fir branches
    • Christmas ornaments
    • Pom-pom hats
    • Bells
    • Presents
    • Sweets

If you have a physical Shop or space for your target audience, you can spread Holiday joy there by decorating and using your seasonal branding just like you do online.

Ready to get jolly?

Go for it, Santa!

Cute New Teddy Bear & Dog Pals for Your NA Shop

Cute New Teddy Bear & Dog Pals for Your NA Shop

Straight from Santa’s workshop to your Spreadshop: we’ve got two new cuddly and cute little friends in our NA assortment. The sweet Teddy Bear and Dog stuffed animals each have a T-shirt that can be printed with your designs. Their fur is extra soft and has a real-life textured look. Help Santa’s elves out and stock these fluffy friends in your Spreadshop for your holiday shoppers.

Teddy Bear (ID 909 – NA only):

  • 100% polyester fiber (shirt is cotton)
  • 12″ standing 9″ sitting
  • Stitched nose and eyes
  • Customizable T-Shirt
  • Brand: Anico Promotions

Dog (ID 1598 – NA only):

  • 100% polyester
  • 14″
  • Embroidered eyes
  • Customizable T-Shirt
  • Brand: Anico Promotions

 Colors (Shirt)

  • Black (ID 2)
  • White (ID 1)
  • Red (ID 196)

Print & Pricing

  • Print Area Front and Back (width x height): 3.75″ x 2.74″ (9.5cm x 7cm)
  • Print Types: DTF (Direct to film), Flock and Flex
  • Retail price: $24.99 USD ($29.99 CAD / $34.99 AUD)
  • Design commission: $3.50 USD ($4.00 CAD / $4.50 AUD)

Your Holiday Designs for 2021

Your Holiday Designs for 2021

Need some inspiration for your holiday designs, Santa baby? Here are our hot tips and guidelines for your Holiday Designs 2021.

In all your eggnog-fueled giddiness about the upcoming festivities, you might have neglected to update your online store with fresh designs. But don’t worry, you won’t be put on the naughty list for that! The Spreadshop elves are here to help you create holly-jolly designs for the season. Your customers, and particularly your returning customers, will be happy to see some fresh or Holiday-themed options in your shop as they check off their Holiday shopping lists.

Ready to get designing?

Design tools to make your life easier

If you don’t want to use the free Adobe Photoshop alternatives Gimp or Vectr, we recommend surfing Canva or Placeit. These platforms offer templates for all kinds of trends and tastes and provide quick results.

Need help with file formats or want to crop or cleanly format your PNGs? Our graphics service will help you within 3 to 5 business days.

Would you prefer to hire some elves to do the work for you? Then we can recommend fiverr. Freelancers offer their services there. A little tip: be specific about what you’re looking for so that your fans can get their hands on your seasonal products as soon as possible.

Holiday Design inspiration from around the world

Which motifs and styles suit your brand and appeal to your fans? If you’re stroking your long white beard trying to think up ideas, why not get some inspiration from our Spreadshirt designers all over the world? Here are the design results when we search “Holiday” in the languages of the following countries. Have fun browsing:

The perfect products for your fresh designs

During the Holidays, many buyers prefer to buy items that are one-size-fits-all. This includes mugs, aprons and all kinds of accessories. Unisex clothing is also a common present to find under the tree. Click here for our advice on products for Holiday 2021.

Ready for the Holidays this year? This way, Santa!

This way, Santa!