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Set Your Prices

You decide your retail prices. We subtract the base price for the product, you keep the rest.


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Sell More to Earn More

You control your margin. The more you sell, the more we reward you with reduced product base prices. This increases your margin.


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Your earnings

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Product Range

You’ll be impressed with Spreadshop’s vast selection of 100+ customizable products, just waiting for your designs. With over 15 years of industry experience, you can be rest assured that our product quality is nothing less than the best.

When you sell custom merchandise, variety is important. Our product assortment is filled with quality merchandise fit for any budget. We understand that every customer is different, so we want to make sure there is something for everyone! Read more

Why settle for anything less than quality? When you sell t-shirts online with Spreadshop, you’ll have nothing but quality products in your shop. Whether you’re selling trendy accessories or comfy apparel, your designs will look amazing!

We want your creativity to shine! That’s why we have no minimums, no campaigning and there is no limit to the number of products in your Spreadshop. Just keep creating so you can keep on selling!

Product Quality

If you’re going to sell t-shirts, it’s important that your customers are receiving the best quality. Our product collection consists of trusted, reputable brands as well as our own Spreadshop private label. Each product is hand selected and quality-checked, so you know that you’re selling the best to your customers.

Digital Direct Printing

Digital Direct Printing

Digital Direct is a computer-controlled printing technique which disperses color onto each product. Digital Direct is Spreadshop’s go-to printing technique; it’s available for all file formats and it outputs beautiful printing results.

Thermo Sublimation

Thermo Sublimation

Thermo Sublimation is the printing technique used on accessories such as mugs and phone cases. It’s printed on a transfer foil and then applied to the product using thermal evaporation.

Laser Transfer

Laser Transfer

Laser transfer is the printing technique we use on accessories like bags and caps. Laser transfer designs are also printed on a transfer foil but added to the product by applying heat.

FLEX Printing

FLEX Printing

FLEX printing is another technique using both foil and heat application. There’s a maximum of three colors that can be used with FLEX, and your design file must be vector for top-notch printing results.

Shipping & Customer Support

When you want to make money with t-shirts, worrying about boxing and packaging is a waste of time. With Spreadshop, we’ll take care of everything for you, meaning you can focus on what really matters: your brand. That being said, printing, fulfillment and shipping is taken care of by Spreadshop at no cost to you.

If you have questions along the way, our award-winning customer support team is happy to assist you! With over 15 years of experience, there’s no question that we can’t answer!

If you’re looking to collaborate and engage with like-minded people, Spreadshop offers a reliable, shop-owner community that lives on both our forum and social media profiles.

If you sell your own t-shirts with Spreadshop, you’ll have nothing but resources,support, and amazing merch just a few clicks away!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Shop on Spreadshop really free?

Becoming a shop owner is in fact, 100% free! We only produce print-on-demand products, which means there won't be any expenses on your end! No investing, no risk, no catch. You have the creativity and we have the resources. Together, we're simply a dream team!

Why sell custom t-shirts online?

Creating and selling custom t-shirts online is a fast-growing market. Whether you want to start your own t-shirt business or you’re looking for a way to boost your brand, merchandising has more than just income to offer. You can call the shots, be your own boss and make your own decisions. It’s another way to excite your audience and a fun and simple way.

Can I integrate the Shop with my website?

The beauty of Spreadshop, is that our platform can be integrated into any website with ease. We offer a variety of plugins for your convenience, as well as a simple JavaScript solution found in your user area. No matter which method you choose, you'll love the way your shop looks in your website.

Do I make money with every sale?

Since you're the brains behind the brand, you'll profit from every sale made in your shop. We want you to get the most out of the shop owner experience, which is why we offer the highest commission opportunities in the industry. Your efforts will always be rewarded with Spreadshop.

I don't have graphic design skills. How can I create custom designs?

There’s a common misconception that graphic design skills are needed in order to run a successful Spreadshop. Between free image websites, graphic software for beginners and our premium design service, creating designs to sell custom t-shirts will be the least of your worries.

How far can I go with my Shop customization?

Shop customization is absolutely possible. Choose a color scheme, create a header image, even link your social media channels to your Spreadshop! Plus, if you know a little CSS, customization can go even further. The sky is the limit when it comes to customization.


Jeremy Kalgreen
Jeremy Kalgreen

“Spreadshop's printing options are way better than the alternatives. I've had some sample shirts made for other print-on-demand companies and I thought the quality was terrible. The margins are also better with Spreadshop, which is naturally important if you want to make a living doing this.”

Robbert Muurbloempje
Robbert Muurbloempje
Thug Life

“I've been a fan of Spreadshop since leaving Teespring. Everything works smoothly, and the designer tool is very user-friendly. Made a lot of sales without maintaining a website and orders on a daily base.”

Jeff Rice
Jeff Rice
Partner Since 2012

“I use Spreadshop because it's the most efficient, innovative, and cost-effective platform on the market. You have the ability to control your inventory, offering, and commission, which gives you a lot more flexibility from other companies. Spreadshop continues to remain the industry standard for good reason.”

Zack D'Ulisse
Zack D'Ulisse
Partner Since 2012

“Balancing a full-time graphic design job as well as my small t-shirt business can be tough, but the convenience and efficiency are second to none and allows me to keep peace of mind when it comes to production and shipping.”

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