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Lets Play America

It’s time to get out there and play with Let’s Play America!

Lucky for you- we’ve got the perfect shop for all your summer fun.

Let’s Play America is a nonprofit that encourages people of all ages to make time for play. And there’s no better time than now!

Long summer days are optimal moments for outdoor activities: swimming, frisbee, volleyball, you name it.

Pat Raumbaugh founded Let’s Play America in 2015 to give children and adults increased opportunities for play.

Since then, Pat has taken her organization to a national level and is continuing to do some amazing (and playful) things!



Even though Let’s Play America launched in 2015, the journey began much earlier for Pat.

Her first foray into the world of play came in 2009 when she started a group in Takoma Park, Maryland. It would become TakomaPlays! a year later.

Group members met regularly and planned free play events for their community.

The response proved that people were looking for a way to escape the grind of everyday life. They left events feeling revitalized and rejuvenated: part of the nonprofit’s mission.

Seeing the impact of her work, Pat was motivated to bring a similar organization to communities all across America.

She soon co-founded Let’s Play America with Daniel Nakamura and used TakomaPlays! as a model organization.

Let’s Play America is all about taking the benefits of play, bettering yourself AND your community.

What They Do

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Pat and her crew have switched their events to a virtual format.

They offer events for all-ages and events for adults, like this one they had in early June.

Let’s Play America fills up the day with fun, interactive events featuring local members and special guests.

If their virtual events don’t align with your schedule, why not set up your own Play Day?

Check out their play day handbooks for in-person or virtual events that break down everything you need for a successful Play Day.

From planning to implementation, they’ve got you covered for a fun day in your community.

Meet Pat

Meet Pat

Pat grew up in western Pennsylvania and graduated from IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) before settling in Maryland.

Besides founding Let’s Play America, Pat has raised awareness about the importance of play on multiple platforms. The TEDxTalk stage is just one example. 

In her talks, she’s advocated for play of all ages and the benefits we get when our bodies are active.

She’s even written children’s books that talk about it!

Her newest book – Let’s Play Outside (June 30) – is available now.

Pat believes everyone deserves to play.

To set up your own Play Day with Pat, reach out to her via email ( or phone (301-928-9962).

Upcoming Events

Pat will be one of the speakers at this year’s Free to Play Summit.

The 5-day event (July 12-16) aims to bridge the gap between learning experiences children receive and the ones they deserve.

Play-activated learning is the answer.

The summit isn’t just for educators and administrators. It’s also for parents, caregivers, and community members who want the best for their children.

Pat is one of the many speakers lined up for the 5-day FREE event blitz. Educators and leaders from around the globe will be talking about the benefits of play.

Pat recently wrote a blog post where she talked about the summit and all things Let’s Play America.

Make sure to tune into the summit (it’s FREE!) and set up a Play Day in your community.

And don’t forget to wear your Let’s Play America merch!


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Wilson Peter
Wilson Peter
2 years ago

Wow!!!! It is really a wonderful thing u re doing there. I can only imagine how exciting that must be for both the kids n adults. I personally love fun but its such unfortunate I can’t attend any of the events

Rachel Heckscher
Rachel Heckscher
2 years ago

Pat is a wonderful advocate for the importance of play for humans of all ages. Great article!

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