Get Outdoors With Spreadshop

Get Outdoors With Spreadshop

You can be an avid outdoor explorer. Or someone that’s just dipping their toes into the big wide world nature has to offer. This summer make sure to get outdoors with Spreadshop.

Either way, there’s a Spreadshop for you to take in the outdoors with.

Get out there this summer and take part in familiar and new activities. Bike your local trail, get a group together for a hike, plan a cross-country road trip. 

Nature is all around you, you just need to seek it out.

Whether you experience the outdoors on the golf course or in the mountains, these Spreadshops have merch for you.

Clueless Bushcraft

Clueless Bushcraft

Looking for a modern outdoorsman to guide you through the wonderful and wicked world of nature?

Tom, better known as Clueless Bushcraft, documents his wilderness survival journey on Tik Tok and Youtube.

Tom makes it clear he’s not an expert in his outdoor survival style vlogs. That’s what makes his videos so fun to watch.

He doesn’t preach to his followers or come off as intimidating due to some predetermined superiority. Tom is down to earth and has a warm, genuine personality that radiates in all his videos.

“Bushcraft” is the usage and practice of acquired skills in order to survive in the natural environment: nature, essentially.

He says he’s clueless, but he’s really just curious.

Tom’s videos run the gamut of his outdoor survival journey. 

He’ll take you out fishing on the lake. Along with him on foraging trips in the woods. And even when he tries different natural recipes (some successful, some not).

Tom creates this content in order to be more self-reliant in nature. He wants to be equipped with all the resources and tools needed to survive in the wilderness.

He’s a modern man taking us back to how things were in olden times. Before you could Google your way out of every predicament.

And he’s got some merch you can wear while you explore nature with, or without, him.

The Clueless Bushcraft has everything a beginner or expert adventurer would need. The merch designs are stylishly sleek, but feel homegrown and true to the Clueless Bushcraft brand.

That’s So Good! merch references all the different natural foods he’s tried on his channel. Survival is Simple, Just Don’t Die merch is funny, but incredibly on-point. 

You won’t die or be seriously injured if you follow Tom’s well-earned advice. His experiences – good and bad – help to guide you in all your outdoor adventures. He makes it easier than ever to get outdoors with Spreadshop.

National Parks Conservation Association

National Parks Conservation Association

If you’re planning on hitting up one of the national parks this summer, then this official merch is perfect.

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) works to protect and preserve our nation’s greatest treasures for generations to come.

There are national parks all across the United States, from the northwest to the midwest to the southeast and in-between. They make for great family destinations as part of a vacation or weekend getaway. 

And you can pretty much do any outdoor activity you can think of.

If you like bike riding, biking in a national park is one of the most scenic rides you can get. 

Go for a hike on winding trails that carry great history, climb mountains (with assistance, of course).

Take it slow and stop along the way to capture photos and take well-earned snack breaks. 

Every national park has something beautiful and unique to offer.

The NPCA ParkShop highlights some of those parks with standout designs. 

Represent parks like Fort Monroe in Virginia, or Rim of the Valley in California, on t-shirts and stickers.

Their Every Week is Park Week merch (like on this t-shirt) captures the essence of park life.

When you wear this merch, other park visitors will know you’re a die-hard parks fan. They may even look to you for nature-related wisdom.

The NPCA shop also spreads good messaging outside the park world. They express equality for all, celebrating Pride and women’s issues on their own designated merch. We have a lot of shops repping their support for Pride.

You can wear this merch anytime, not just when you’re at a national park. 

If you do choose to wear it to a park, who knows, maybe it will turn you into a super hero. 

You’ll finally have the strength to bike up that hill, and climb that mountain while being outdoors with Spreadshop.

Par Tee and Adventure

Par Tee and Adventure

The golf course is considered a part of the great outdoors, right?

It’s as far as some get and that’s okay.

I mean, there’s a lot you can experience out there: rouge golf carts, angry geese, pesky sand bunkers.

Lance from Par Tee and Adventure captures the essence of golfing and documents all his golfing ventures on Youtube.

He takes his viewers to different golf courses – like Sheppard’s Bush and Disney World – and will even try out golf simulators.

Like Clueless Bushcraft, he’s very transparent about the fact that he’s not a pro. Some days are easier on the course than others.

Lance is often joined by family and friends to make the affair feel as much of an adventure as possible.

And again, it’s his personality that really makes it. 

He takes you through what the course is like and how difficult each of the holes might be. But he’s not afraid to let the occasional swear word out in frustration or filter his opinions.

Even if you don’t watch Lance’s channel, I think his merch is pretty universal to the average golfer.

You can get merch with his likeness on polo shirts and t-shirts. And his likeness looks like a typical golfer.

Shirts with his Par Tee and Adventure logo are clean and professional. 

And Par Tee and Adventure might as well be a great golf destination for all people know.

You’ll look cool on the course and strike up conversation with like-minded golfers thanks to Lance’s shop.

We feature another cool golf shop in a blog about essential summer merch.

Who knows, maybe it will even improve your swing.



The RV DJ provides music and RV driven content for people who embrace the open road.

Sonja is the owner of a mobile DJ service in New Jersey. She provides music for RV enthusiasts who set up shop at campgrounds in the area. 

If you’re not in The Garden State, you can keep up with her travels and live sessions on her Youtube.

She’s developed a tight knit community of fellow RV lovers and followers on her Youtube. 

Sonja hosts live streams and invites her friends to come. They catch up about what’s going on in their lives and talk about the RV community. 

The chat is always very active in her videos with people engaged in the conversations. 

Beyond these informal hangouts, Sonja has also done one-on-one videos with other prominent people in the community.

Robert Morales (Travelling Robert) came on the channel not that long ago.

Robert is a well-respected member of the RV community and is incredibly active on Youtube with 189,000 subscribers. 

He shares travel videos every Sunday and hosts live streams every Friday.

Originally from Cuba, Robert also has a background in music. He talked with Sonja about his music, how his style changed when he moved to the U.S., and more. 

The RV DJ isn’t just for the RV aficionados out there, though.

Sonja and her friends all have fun and interesting personalities that easily introduce you to their world. 

Her outdoor Spreadshop merch is playful and representative of her personality. A graphic of a girl DJing on top of an RV is spot-on.

It’s about the memories you make on the open road and the friends you make along the way.

And Sonja’s channel and merch captures that sense of community.

Living Free ZipCodeless

Living Free ZipCodeless

Another RV based Youtube channel, Living Free ZipCodeless is a husband and wife (Mel and Nette) capturing their RV adventures.

They started their channel the same time they began travelling full time: October 2020. 

Mel and Nette share travel vlogs, offer RV advice, and review RV related products. They’ve been able to hit spots like Desoto State Park, the National World War II Museum, and Route 66.

There’s always new places to go and new people to meet wherever you go, and Mel and Nette live that.

Their videos offer an escape if you don’t have the means to travel. And provide inspiration to hit the open road yourself and document your journey on video.

After being stuck indoors for so long, this is what we should be seeking out this summer: adventure and memories.

Their Spreadshop has various, fun Mel and Nette themed designs. The Living Free Zipcodeless compass logo is used as an icon on many of their videos and is a great option.

If you prefer graphic-based designs, Mel and Nette have animated merch of themselves. This would look cool on travel gear as a sticker.

Stickers are a fun merch item and work in whatever design style!

Gettinng outdoors with Spreadshop is easy because it has all kinds of merch to fit your level of outdoors expertise for whatever you’re doing this summer.

Now it’s just time to set those plans in stone and escape. 

Close that laptop, put away the phone, and breathe in some fresh mountain air.

You’ll thank me later for the much-needed getaway.

Can’t find merch that suits your outdoor needs? Make your own by launching your Spreadshop today!

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