Your Merch All Around the World!

Your Merch All Around The World

With Spreadshop, you can send your merch all over the world!

Youtube creators from around the globe can connect with their audience when they use Spreadshop to fulfill their merch needs.

Leave production and shipping up to us while you make money from the comfort of home. 

Our global production facilities ensure fast delivery no matter where you’re ordering from!

And since Spreadshop is available in 12 languages and 10 currencies, your reach couldn’t be larger.

Having your own merch allows your fans to connect with you on a personal level. Even if they’re miles or oceans away.

Follow along to see how to best optimize your Spreadshop to allow for merch all over the world.

Choosing A Platform

Depending on where your followers live, there’s two different platforms you can choose for your shop: American and European.

If you’re unsure which is best, check your Youtube statistics to confirm your follower demographics.

If most of your followers live mainly in the US, Canada, and Australia, the American platform is best for you.

The American platform guarantees your customers low shipping and fast delivery from one of our US production sites.

This will give a top-level domain, local language, and three currency options:

  • USA – English – USD
  • Canada – English, French – CAD
  • Australia – English – AUD

If your followers live in European or in Asia territories, the European platform is the way to go.

Any orders will be manufactured and shipped from the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany.

You can pick from 15 top-level domains (.de,, etc.), seven currencies, and eleven languages for your shop.

  • Belgium – Dutch, French – EUR
  • Denmark – Danish – DKK
  • Germany – German – EUR
  • Finland – Finnish – EUR
  • France – French – EUR
  • UK – English – GBP
  • Ireland – English – EUR
  • Italy – Italian – EUR
  • Netherlands – Dutch – EUR
  • Norway – Norwegian – NOK
  • Austria – German – EUR
  • Poland – Polish – PLN
  • Switzerland – German, French, Italian – CHF
  • Spain – Spanish – EUR
  • Sweden – Swedish – SEK

The currency will automatically be converted no matter who is ordering.

Why Not Pick Both?

If your fan base spans the globe, you can even open a shop on both platforms!

The “Advanced” section in your shop houses the “Language and currency” settings. There, you can open a shop followers can access no matter where they live.

No matter which link you use, your followers will be directed to the link that fits their region. 

Put these links in the description of Youtube videos and in social profiles. Or make your own all-purpose link that can hold all your info.

Make sure the designs you want are available in both shops. 

When you open a shop on another platform, your designs aren’t automatically transferred. They’ll have to be uploaded manually.

But it’s worth it. Just look at someone like Youtuber Daniel Batal who caters to the merch needs of international fans.

Daniel Batal

Daniel Batal is a Youtuber that hails from the state. But he attracts an international audience thanks to his awesome, engaging content.

Batal helps content creators grow their audience and boost their channels. 

He covers everything beginner or longtime creators need to know to enhance their presence on Youtube. Video editing, channel art, and social promotion are just a few of the topics he covers.

Even though Daniel lives in the U.S., he has followers from all over.

When he checked his Youtube analytics, he was surprised to find that he has a strong following in the Philippines.

By turning on the European platform of his shop, he was able to get merch to fans in all regions, just like the Philippines.

This helped ensure subscriber loyalty and created a better relationship between him and his viewers.

You can foster that relationship with followers all around the world all thanks to your merch.

Open your Spreadshop today to start selling to fans far and wide!

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1 year ago

If I setup my store in CAD but have customers from USA will they see prices in CAD or USD?

Wasiq sheikh
2 years ago

My spreadshop is not publish plz help me

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