TikTok Merch Showcase

TikTok Merch Showcase

Merch helps TikTok creators connect with their audience. And we know some creators who are growing their brand through merch!

At Spreadshop, we’re all about creating connections. We have a wide range of creators using us for their merch needs. Any niche can be tapped into with merch!

Tom – better known as Clueless Bushcraft – is a modern day outdoorsman. He gives his audience survival tips, should they ever find themselves face-to-face with nature. Mixed Tarxan motivates his audience to be the best they can be with health and fitness content. 

TikTok merch opens personal and profitable doors for creators. Check out some of the TikTok creators using Spreadshop for their merch needs!

Clueless Bushcraft

Clueless Bushcraft

Before you could Google your way out of a predicament, you had to rely on the resources of the land to survive. Not everyone knows how to start a fire or create safe drinking water. That’s where Tom comes in; right on your TikTok feed.

Tom – Clueless Bushcraft – makes it clear he’s not an expert in his outdoor survival style vlogs. That’s what makes his videos so fun to watch. He’s discovering things with his audience. Wear his merch while you explore nature with – or without – him. Tom’s shop has everything a beginner or expert adventurer would need.

His merch is stylishly sleek, but feels homegrown and true to the Clueless Bushcraft brand. Tom’s latest merch designs pay homage to one of his beloved chickens, Daisy. He was responsible for her demise, but it’s a nice way to honor such a fine bird.

Tami Langalang

Tami Langalang

Tami is certainly a hoot. Comedian Eric Feldman created the character of Tami Langalang: a Facebook mom archetype with plenty of sass. Eric’s TikTok features his own content, but Tami is the one with her own merch.

Tami’s persona makes for re-watchable, fun content. Her use of emojis is always excessive and on brand. We love the way she bobs to and fro like an excited bobblehead when typing her Facebook posts. If only we could conjure that excitement about mundane things.

Chances are you know someone like Tami in your life or at least familiar with the persona. Her post about Thanksgiving weekend is relatable to everybody, whether you’re a Facebook mom or not.

Mixed Tarzan

Mixed Tarxan

If you need some good-hearted motivation, Mixed Tarxan (Julius Alexander) is the man for you. He posts health and fitness videos aimed at inspiring his followers to be the best versions of themselves. And he’s got an exciting challenge coming up: he’ll be competing on American Ninja Warrior!

Julius has started to document his training, completing lifts and climbs that will prepare him to take on such an intense course. He’ll be competing on national television and promoting his TikTok and his TikTok merch, too.

Julius will be wearing a new merch design when he is on American Ninja Warrior. His Mixed Tarxan merch features a cartoon version of himself with inspirational phrases. Who knows, maybe you could be on a competitive reality show if you follow him on TikTok.

Beauty and Brains With a Twist

Beauty and Brains With a Twist

Rachel Pizzolato is a multi-hyphenate TikToker. Co-host of Mythbusters Jr. and a professional model, Rachel has a bubbly personality that comes across in all her videos. Her TikTok really is beauty and brains, with a twist.

Rachel can do anything she sets her mind to thanks to her drive. She hasn’t let her tallness deter her from her dream to model. She’s done amazing work in the science world that has also set her up for success.

Her merch features trendy catch phrases in colorful fonts that stand out on all her merch products. You’ll be slaying to purr-fection when you rock her merch.

Are you on TikTok? Looking for merch? Open your own Spreadshop today!

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