Why You Should Turn Crypto Art and NFTs into Merch

Why You Should Turn Crypto Art and NFTs into Merch

Crypto art and NFTs are taking over the internet and now the merch game. These digital files are exclusive and can go for thousands, millions of dollars. But merch is a smart and cost-productive way to bring attention to your digital art.

A lot of people don’t understand the value of crypto art and NFTs. It’s a niche area of interest that has dominated social media and permeated the public consciousness. Not everyone gets it, but those that do are all in.

Cater to this audience by turning digital art files into merch. Merch helps create deeper bonds with a community. And Spreadshop is the go-to platform for all your merch needs! Find out how easy it is to make merch and check out some of the crypto/NFT shops selling with us.

Audience Appeal

Audience Appeal

People want to be a part of something that feels exclusive and special. That’s what the crypto and NFT communities symbolize. Spreadshop affords you the opportunity to jump on these opportunities: open a merch shop in minutes. It’s FREE and easy!

People want to show the world what they’re into. They can wear their favorite NFT or create their own. And these art files look great on any merch product: t-shirts, totes, stickers. Just upload your designs, the placement and products are up to you.

Platforms like Twitter have embraced this new art form and have allowed users to use NFTs as their profile picture. Even though the audience appeal is growing, there’s still a niche factor to crypto art and NFTs that makes it a draw.

Riches in Niches

Riches in Niches

There’s power in owning your niche. Spreadshop has hundreds of shop owners with their own unique niches and audiences. When you have a corner of the internet to yourself, that gives you the freedom to connect directly with that audience.

Crypto and NFTs are slowly becoming more mainstream, but they’re still not on the radar of the average social media. The process of people buying and trading art speaks to the exclusivity of this community. And there are insider terms and phrases that only certain people will get.

Monetize the niche factor by going all in with your content. If you want to appeal to a certain demographic, targeted ads are going to be your bread and butter. Don’t have money for this kind of micro-marketing? Find hashtags and chat groups online you can join to promote your merch. We have some shops doing just that.

Shop Examples

Shop Examples

Merch is a tool to help digital artists grow their brand and make a name for themselves online. It gives you credibility when you have another outlet for your art. Especially one that’s so accessible.

Creative Owls specializes in making digital owl art. Their neon colored variants are eye-catching, yet cute. What would look great as a profile pic also looks cool on a hoodie. Each design is exclusive and limited to 50 items. Find the owl that suits you! MetaGreys NFT is another shop with a fun speciality: alien dudes. They’ve left Area 51 to become part of your digital art collection. And these guys each have their own unique look. Some are punk, futuristic or downright evil with laser eyes.

These shops are using their own niche kind of art to their advantage. When you purchase one of these NFTs or buy from their Spreadshop, you’re becoming part of that world. Which only strengthens the appeal.

Generate Hype

Generate Hype

You’ve made your crypto art/NFT merch. Now, how do you market it to your audience? At Spreadshop, we’re always running promos to give marketing opportunities to shop owners and nice discounts to customers. 

MetaGreys NFT made a tweet announcing their merch shop and peeked extra interest with the mention of clearance merch coming soon. People want to know they’re getting in a deal; it’s a bonus to the merch buying experience. Another way to draw attention to your digital art: premiere it on your merch first. Do a limited merch drop featuring your latest design. If you want to be more selective about it you can even go with certain merch products. Keep it small with stickers and magnets.

Having a merch shop should make you better informed about the art you’re making and what your audience wants. See what type of art and designs sell better as merch to give you an idea of what will sell in the digital art space.

Excited about the possibilities of merch in the digital art space? Launch your Spreadshop today!

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6 months ago

Hey everyone! Just had to share my excitement after exploring the crypto marketing tips over at hodl.fm. This blog https://hodl.fm/crypto-marketing-tips is a treasure trove for anyone venturing into crypto marketing. The tips they offer aren’t your usual generic advice; they’re practical, actionable, and a real game-changer for boosting any crypto project. Major props to the hodl.fm team for this gem!

2 years ago

Can I make this shopping page accessible only for my nft holders?

Yasir Hussain
2 years ago


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