Grow Your Merch Sales with Meta and Spreadshop

Grow Your Merch Sales with Meta and Spreadshop

It’s easier than ever to sell merch on Facebook and Instagram thanks to Spreadshop’s new Meta Business Integration. What was once a painful and confusing process for shop owners can now be done in a matter of seconds!

People around the world will be able to access your Spreadshop from your Facebook page, Instagram profile or from one of your Instagram stories. This extension is going to open many new opportunities for your shop.

Next Level Social Selling

Easily run shop ads across Facebook and Instagram with just a few clicks. With the power of Meta’s Pixel, you can find more people likely to buy from your Spreadshop. End the search for your target audience once and for all. You’ll be able to measure marketing and ads performance and get insights on how Meta’s business tools help drive traffic and sales. This is going to take your merch marketing to the next level.

Simple Setup

In the past, connecting Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Commerce was a complicated process. Meta has made it much simpler. Customizing your Facebook shop and collections takes only a few minutes. You’ll be able to add collections, descriptions and cover media. Anyone who visits your shop on Facebook or Instagram will have the ability to click on them and buy the products directly from your Spreadshop.

Build Your Brand

Selling your merch on socials is the future of e-commerce. Beyond the fact that your friends, family and followers are already on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this is a FREE opportunity to reach new customers and expand your brand. Your products and designs can now be discovered and purchased by new customers seamlessly across Facebook and Instagram. They can explore products and collections of products right from within the app.

What can Meta do for your shop?

Here are a few ideas to highlight how you can use the Meta Business Integration with Spreadshop:

  • Facebook Groups: Do you run or are you a member of a busy Facebook group? Do a merch drop of a special shirt to help raise money for your group’s effort/cause. Exclusive merch can really unify your group and build a bond with other members.
  • Instagram Merch Drop: Our data shows that creators sell more with limited merch drops. Launch an exclusive t-shirt design. Post a photo of you wearing it and tag the item for sale in the post. Don’t forget to tell your followers this is a limited time offer!
  • Find Your Fans: For as little as a dollar a day you can run targeted ads and boosted posts. Find new customers who are more likely to buy from your Spreadshop and follow your brand.

Here’s how to get started in your Spreadshop user dashboard:

  1. Login to your Spreadshop
  2. Go to Shop Settings > Marketing > Facebook & Instagram
  3. Click Connect with Business Manager
  4. Login with your Facebook account (if you’re not already logged in)
  5. Complete the wizard to connect your Spreadshop to Meta Business

Need help? Check out our resource page here.

Meta Infos for Metadata

Meta Infos for Metadata

You want your Spreadshop to be found online? Optimized meta data will help you increase your chances with search engine queries on Google & Co.

Read more

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New in: Umbrella (EU Only)

New in: Umbrella (EU Only)

Your designs will be “singin’ in the rain” when you feature them on this new collapsible umbrella. What will they be singing, you ask? That should be obvious: “Now that it’s raining more than ever / Know that we’ll still have each other / You can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh!”

Product Info (ID 55)

  • Brand: Fare
  • Manufactured in China
  • Collapsible Umbrella
  • 100% polyester (covering)
  • Metal and plastic (handle)
  • Length, folded: 24cm
  • Colors: Black

Print and price Info

  • Print area front and back (width x height): 22.1 cm x 16.8 cm
  • Print types: DTF and Flex print -> pixel and vector files

Which of your designs would look good in the rain? Any questions about our newest product for your Shop assortment? Drop them in the comments!

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Magnificent Magnets: New to your Shop Assortment

Magnificent Magnets: New to your Shop Assortment

Are you looking for an attractive new product that will really help your designs stick out? (See what we did there?) Create metal magnets for your Shop and start taking over the world, one refrigerator at a time. The square magnet is already available in our assortment and its rectangular buddy will follow in the coming weeks.

Square Magnet (NA 1596 EU 1599)

  • Brand: Conde
  • 100% Aluminium
  • 2.25″ x 2.25″ x .045″
  • Adhesive Magnet
  • Color: White

Rectangular Magnet (NA 1595 EU 1600)

  • Brand: Conde
  • 100% Aluminium
  • 3″ x 2″ x .045″
  • Adhesive Magnet
  • Processed and Printed in the US
  • Color: White

Print Area (width x height)

  • Allover Print
  • Square Magnet: 2.48″ x 2,48″ (6.3 cm x 6.3 cm)
  • Rectangle Magnet: 3.22″ x 2.24″ (8.1 cm x 5.6 cm)

Print Type & Pricing

  • Thermal Sublimation
  • Retail price varies for EU and NA
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