Our VidSummit 2022 Contest Winners

VidSummit 2022 Contest Winners

Our judges have reviewed the submissions to our ‘Win a Trip to VidSummit’ 2022 contest. And we’ve chosen our VidSummit 2022 Contest Winners!

It was a close competition and we want to thank every creator who entered. We know it isn’t easy to create dedicated content and put yourself out there for a contest. If we could, we would send every one of you to this year’s VidSummit 2022, but sadly there can only be one Grand Prize Winner.

A wide range of creators responded to the video challenge. Their Youtube channels cover an awesome range of topics. Van travel, cryptocurrency, original music, fishing, social commentary, comedy, and history creators entered. Each one shows great potential and we know that they all have the ability to grow their channels and succeed as content creators.

We conducted a thoughtful evaluation of every video submitted. Based on storytelling, brand vision, clarity of goals, and reason for needing the trip, we ranked the top three entrants.

And the winners are:

Grand Prize Winner: Fishboss Creator – RJ Macalanda

VidSummit Winner Fish Boss

This year RJ built the fastest growing fishing account on TikTok with 137.2K followers. We are impressed by his plan to build a creator club helping fishermen network, share pointers, and make a living doing what they love. For RJ, being a full time content creator means inspiring others to take a non-traditional path and chase a lifestyle that they love. Learn more about RJ here on the Spreadshop Blog in our upcoming one on one creator interview.

Runner Up: Vanderwoman Creator – Christina Doppler

VidSummit 2022 Winner

Christina’s YouTube channel is in a great niche, Single Mom Van-Life. Her goal is to travel the United States meeting other single moms and creating content to build community. Her positivity and determination to use YouTube videos to learn and grow is very inspiring.

Runner Up: The Banks Sisters Creators – Keisha and Courtney Banks

VidSummit Winner 2022 Runner Up

The Banks Sisters are creating content about the perspectives and life experiences of Gen X’ers and Millennials hit once by the 08′ recession and now hit hard a second time by the pandemic. Their use of multi-platform content distribution via YouTube, Patreon, Rokfin, Apple podcast and Spotify shows their determination to make a living within the creator economy in the new normal.

So what did they win?

Our Grand Prize winner, RJ Macalanda is booked to fly out to VidSummit 2022. There he will meet our Creator Advisory Board and have VIP Access to everything VidSummit has to offer. We are also excited to announce that we will be providing tickets to VidSummit for both runner up creators!

All of our winners will also have access to design support, merch strategy sessions, and an expert YouTube Channel Brand Consultation.

Congratulations to our VidSummit 2022 Contest Winners! We can’t wait to see you at the show. Are you attending VidSummit? Let us know in the comments so we can connect with you at the show. 🧡

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Open your Spreadshop today to receive our weekly newsletter and join us in the Spreadshop Community to stay in the loop for future Spreadshop news and opportunities like this one!

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1 year ago

I’ll be there and can’t wait to meet you all!

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