Can we get a rewind? Looking back at 2022

Can we get a rewind? Looking back at 2022

It’s been quite a year again, right? Our 2022 review looks back at 12 pretty turbulent months, bristling with obstacles and opportunities.

But first we have something to say! Thank you for your trust and for allowing us to grow together. By spreading just a lil’ love and kindness, we grew closer together than ever.

All together now – collaborating in 2022

Over the last year, we have worked alongside remarkable partners on remarkable projects. Our favorites include:

Collage aus Bildern. Verschiedene Events. Guppenfotos.

High-tech history lesson – The Cold War Museum

Germany’s capital was once the epicenter of the enigmatic 20th century power struggle between east and west, and this newly opened museum addresses the topic in an innovative and interactive way. Look out for the Spreadshop exclusive merch online and offline!


War has ravaged in many parts of the globe for years now, and 2022 unfortunately saw this expand. Following the Russian assault on Ukraine, we started an online charity shop under the motto #spreadpeace. All proceeds went to Caritas Vienna.

 Science unites – ESA x Spreadshop x Macromedia University

 Fashion and business students from the Macromedia University created a campaign promoting the European Space Agency. We were on hand to provide insider marketing tips. Sadly astronaut suits are not yet in our range.

 German Chainsaw Masterpiece – a world record

Chainsaws are not usually connected with pieces of art, but that’s exactly what Holzkunst Scholz does. This year they organized and smashed a world record, with 428 people simultaneously using the great machines to sculpt their own creations, and we were there.

The right package – Spreadshop x Sustainability

Everyone needs to their bit to help the environment, and the fashion industry is certainly no exception.

Au revoir plastique

As of March, all packages in Europe are sent plastic-free. Of course, this is just the first of many steps we can take towards a more sustainable future.

Marcus the Fashionista/Merchanista

Our category manager Marcus is not just hot on the tails of incoming trends. He’s also here to showcase our organic products as we add more and more to our collection.

Needing some inspiration – Online shop windows

In our Shopwalk feature we presented the world some of our most exciting Spreadshop partners. Use them to inspire your own collection.

Working with Youtubers

The charm of YouTubers lies in their passion for the most niche of topics. They can get pretty creative when it comes to their merchandise as well.

Underwater saviors – our Heroes of the Sea

The oceans have become an endangered habitat for animals and plants. Activists fighting to save our waters are using merch to help them on their way. Dive in!

Environmentally sound merchandise

To save the plant, a lot has to change. Environmental organizations are doing their bit through decisive action. Merchandise is a great way of spreading the message further.

Growing and thriving – new features for Shop owners

 Our 2022 review would not be complete without talking about our own innovations. Here are some features primed for making your Shop even more successful.

Eat my shorts – new formats for YouTube creators

 YouTube launched a completely new feature for users in 2022. Now you can sell merch through YouTube Shorts. If you’re looking for tips on video strategies, we’ve got you covered. It’s now also possible to access viewing statistics.

Direct-to-film printing reigns supreme

Adding direct-to-film printing methods to our portfolio was one of our 2022 highlights, and yet another step towards improving product quality. It leads to particularly durable results which we’re delighted to share with customers.

Foto. Im unteren Bildbereich liegt im Vordergrund ein blaues T-Shirt glatt aufgespannt. Im Hintergrund ist unscharf eine große Textildruckmaschine und ein Mitarbeiter zu sehen.

Selling on socials – Meta commerce

 The Metaverse may sound mysterious, but it mostly just allowed us to integrate our shop system better. Just one click is enough to sell your merch on both Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how!

It’s the little things – improving our Partner Area

  • Product and design not matching? This is now displayed and explained in the Partner Area.
  • The Design Tool has been improved.
  • Template saving within the Shop Admin is now unified.
  • The form for account settings has been more clearly divided into several pages.
  • The promotion calendar is now available in the dashboard, along with the promotion tool and marketing sharing tool.
  • The Notification Center now has a Shop News category.

Fresh faces – new products in 2022

Our collection has welcomed 17 new products into its ranks. Category Manager Marcus delves into his favorites:

Number crunching – 2022 for Spreadshop in facts and figures

Infografik mit Zahlen und Fakten zum Jahr 2022, die im Artikel aufgelistet sind.

What now? Exciting things for 2023

  • We’re threading the needle and bringing embroidery merchandise out to the masses.
  • Soon you’ll be able to get your own personal yearly report as a Partner.
  • Shop Traffic Statistics will be able to show you exactly what’s been going on in your Shop

What a year!

As far as world news goes, it wasn’t the most harmonic 12 months. Yet hopefully on a personal level you managed to make the best of it. For us, your continued loyalty and creativity through tough times was probably the greatest aspect of last year.

Our dear friends over at Teezpanda have a way with words. Rather than chomping on bamboo, these ladies are producing some of the most dazzling tees, fit for any occasion. No wonder SPOD are such big fans.

We know that art on shirts isn’t going to change the world but we believe it can be one part of taking an overwhelming situation and make it a little bit better.


We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful start in 2023.

Your Spreadshop Team

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