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Everything you ever wanted to know about selling your own merchandise.

🧡 Our Favorite Design Tools & the evolution of custom merch design

This week the Merch Cast gang discusses their design tool journeys, favorite apps, tips, tricks and more. 🔊 Listen in as the gang shares…

🧡 How to Launch a Podcast for your Brand 🎧 Tips and tricks to getting started, easily

We all have had it, that never ending discussion about that back-burner, golden idea. That great epiphany of broadcasting your thoughts…

🐶 Mr. Bubz, our dark overlord 🎧 Interview with the #Motherwife 👿 @misterbubz

🔊Listen in this week 🔊 as the gang sits down with Mr. Bubz’s owner, Lizze Gordon, (AKA the Motherwife!) to talk about the internet’s new…

🧡 Sell Merch For Nerds! An Interview with Amorphia Apparel

If you’re looking for the very best advice for starting an online t-shirt brand, look no further than Amorphia Apparel! Amorphia founder…

🧡 Side Hustle 🐨 Fried Koalas & 🐦 a Bird. Meet Jonathan! #behindtheshop

What do Fried Koalas, Oreo cookies and an instagram famous parrot have in common? Listen to today’s Behind the Shop interview with new hire…

Building Your Brand {and How to Profit Off of it}

When It Comes to Monetizing Your Following, Brand Yourself Like the Stars

🧡 Using Instagram to Boost Sales

(note: this post was written by our colleague Lena on the Spreadshop Blog! See link at bottom for more like it!)

Behind the Shop. The Safest, Weirdest Question with Lauren🍍s

In today’s Merch Cast, the gang is up in Boston and we sit down with our own Social Media Queen, Lauren 🍍’s, where she tells us just how…

How to Make Money Blogging with Blogger Merch

New blogs are popping up every day offering irresistible content that’s hard to compete with. Between business blogs, lifestyle blogs, even…

IGTV is bound to fall - Well, maybe.

How I failed to write a rant article about IGTV and raised a voice for optimistic social media marketeers.

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