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No need to worry about payments, production, fullfillment or shipping. We've got that covered at no cost to you. Simply register, upload your designs to our customizable products, promote your brand and watch the sales roll in!

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The Shop Owner Experience

It’s all about YOU

Spreadshop is a free online Shop platform powered by Spreadshirt. You’ll receive your own URL and a professional, customizable shop system, giving you the tools needed to start your own online merch business.

You’re in control

Set your retail prices. Schedule discount campaigns. Modify your storefront to match your brand. Customizing your Spreadshop is quick and easy.

Website Integration

We’ve made it fast and simple to integrate Spreadshop into your own website! No matter where your online presence is, your Spreadshop can easily be integrated into the back end.

Award-Winning Customer Service

We offer a variety of tools to make your Spreadshop experience easy. Our dedicated support team offers personal assistance, video tutorials, feature requests and FAQ’s to get you the answers you need.

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Make Money

Control Your Earnings

You decide how much profit you make on every item in your Shop. Spreadshop rewards high sales with a performance bonus. The more you sell, the higher commission you'll earn on each item!

No Minimums

You’ll profit from your very first sale! There are no minimum sale requirements, so you can sell at your own pace. The Spreadshop system is pressure-free!

Track Profits On-The-Go

Our easy-to-use statistics app enables you to track sales wherever and whenever. Receive real-time notifications along with insider tips and tricks! You’ll always be in-the-know.

Set Your Prices

You have complete control over your prices and your profit margin. Set the retail price of every product in your Shop and adjust them anytime.

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We’ll Do the Hard Work for You

Free Inventory

We buy and store all product inventory, so you don’t have to! This enables you to start your own Merch Shop without any overhead or risk of losing money. The cash only flows into your pocket, never out of it.

Quality Production

Don’t worry about production... we’ve got that covered, too. Our state-of-the-art printing technology delivers high-quality print results that your customers will love!

No-Cost Fulfillment

Our production facilities will quality check and neatly package your orders. We’re dedicated to maintaining a positive experience for both our Shop Owners and their customers.

Worldwide Shipping

Take your Spreadshop global! There’s no point in limiting your customer-base, so we’re ready to make your fans happy all around the world! No matter where your products are going, we’ll make sure they get there.

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Marketing & Insights

Connect Your Social Media Accounts

Spreadshop allows you to easily link social media accounts with your Shop. Connect with your customers through social media while marketing new products to your followers. It’s a win-win situation!

Tips & Tricks

Spreadshop offers insiders tips and tricks to reveal marketing best-practices. Through our blog or forum, learn how to optimize your Shop and how to reel in more sales!


Spreadshop strives to support you as a Shop Owner. Whether we’re offering free shipping or discount codes, we’re here to help boost your sales. With our monthly promotions, your customers will always have a reason to come back for more.

Resources for Success

Your success as a Shop Owner is important to us. Discover helpful resources such as our premium design service, our CMS Plugins, and so much more!

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Wide Selection

Spreadshop offers over 200 customizable products. See your designs stand out on anything from quality apparel to fun and innovative accessories. Your customers will love showing off your merch wherever they go!

Various Price Ranges

Spreadshop offers products for any budget. Whether your customers are budget-friendly or big-spenders, we assure you that there is something for all your fans!

Top-Notch Quality

Spreadshop’s product library offers trustworthy, reputable brands as well as our own Spreadshirt private-label. Each product is hand selected and quality-checked, so you can be confident in what your selling.

No Limits

We love to see you creating. That’s why there is no limit to how many products you can sell in your Spreadshop. Customize as many of our products as you want and keep on selling!

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Customer Experience

Trustworthy System

Your Spreadshop is powered by Spreadshirt, a global e-commerce company with 15+ years of experience in merchandise. Your checkout includes a free SSL certificate. All transactions are protected by the same security level used by banks.

Quality Print Results

Our printing technology is optimized to output print results of the highest quality. We want your customers to be happy, so you can be rest assured that they are getting the best!

Multiple Payment Options

Spreadshop accepts both PayPal payments and credit card payments. All payments are handled by us, so all you need to do is watch your profits grow!

Mobile-Friendly Shop System

Spreadshop’s platform adapts to any device. Your customers can browse and buy from your online Shop using any mobile phone or tablet with ease.

Ready to Start Selling Your Merch?

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