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Who is Spreadshop for?

Are you running a successful YouTube channel? Are you Instagram famous? Are you a Twitch streamer with a solid base of followers? Or maybe you manage a music band that is about to conquer the world?

If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, then it is high time to monetize your social influence and profit from your popularity and following. Open your own fully-customizable shop on Spreadshop and take your online personality from the screen to the street by selling your merchandise.

Spreadshop & Features

Selling your merch is a smart way to increase the exposure of your brand online, as well as to engage and nurture your fanbase. However, we all know that setting up an online shop can be quite a nerve wracking experience. There are thousands of things to think about – site aesthetics, site functionality, UI, UX, headings structure, CSS layouts… While you are busy trying to get all the skills needed to develop a site, your fellow social influencers are making money with their brand. And you should be too!

With Spreadshop, you can build your online shop with no prior design or development skills. The shop is fully customized, mobile ready and optimized for sales conversions. Adding designs is as easy as drag and drop and… what is most important: you can have your shop up and running within a few minutes!

How does it work?

With Spreadshop, you can create a branded merchandise shop and print your designs and logos on more than 150 clothing and accessories products, including t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. It is not only fast and simple… it’s free! There’s no trial period, you dictate your own commissions and earn money from your very first sale.

Here is how Spreadshop works:

  • Step 1. Choose your tribe and create your online shop
  • Step 2. Put designs onto the shirts
  • Step 3. Promote your shop on your channel
  • Step 4. Fans buy your merch
  • Step 5. You make money

Why sell with Spreadshop?

Spreadshop’s Print-on-Demand (POD) service provides you with the freedom to print, pack and ship any number of products straight to your fans at a zero cost to you. POD enables you to avoid falling into the money trap by purchasing and storing your merch items and puts the focus on building up your community and creating designs instead.